Opportunity Assessment and Defining a Market Entry Strategy for BeeTwo

30. Jänner 2019

Wintersemester 2018/19 - BeeTwo


This report aims to provide an opportunity assessment and market entry strategy for BeeTwo. BeeTwo is a charitable association and intends to initiate a Digital Social Innovation Lab. The main goal of the lab is to bring NGOs and start-ups or other organisations together to co-create digital solutions with social impact. Supporting the participants with resources and know-how, BeeTwo strives to develop and support impactful solutions, contribute to build an ecosystem on Digital social innovation around that topic and therefore increase social inclusion of marginalized groups within our society.

One critical issue was to discover the right market entry strategy and assess available opportunities for BeeTwo on the market. Therefore, important terms like Innovation Lab, Accelerator and others were defined by conducting a literature research. During a global market research, over 100 organisations with similarities to BeeTwo´s concept could be identified. With the help of some important pre-defined key factors it was possible to work out 28 best practice organisations. These organisations were closely examined by the project team to generate valuable insights. Furthermore, qualitative interviews were conducted. In eight very interesting interviews with experts their valuable feedback on the planned concept of BeeTwo was received. Five additional interviews with best practice organisations from all over the world were carried out, to discover their internal processes and USP in this growing market.

Out of countless insights six key recommendations for the design and set-up of a Digital Social Innovation Lab by BeeTwo were generated. Experts and examples show that it is crucial to establish a wide network with various internal and external partners to meet the diverse demands of the participants and provide additional know-how. Furthermore, the process shall be flexible and BeeTwo´s internal structures shall be built as an agile project structure. Moreover, it is essential to create the process around the participants and keep their motivation and drive to success high. Keeping these and a couple of other main points developed in mind, BeeTwo has the potential to become an impactful actor in the very interesting ecosystem of digital social innovation.

Cooperation Partner

  • BeeTwo - Verein für digitale Lösungen mit sozialer Wirkung
    Am Belvedere 1
    1100 Wien

Contact Person

  • Mag. Nicole Traxler

Student team

  • Berger Katharina

  • Böhm Vanessa

  • Kathan Florian

  • Posch Matthias

  • Scherzer Maximilian


  • Dr. Peter Vandor

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