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04. Juli 2016

Start-Up Projekt / Sommersemester 2016


Due to the liberalization in 2013, far-distance bus journeys are a strongly growing market. In Austria and Germany, the market consists of 25 million annual passengers – a number which is projected to heavily increase in the future. It is the cheapest way to travel, hence, especially young people use buses to travel and visit European cities.

Nevertheless, one major drawback of long-distance bus journeys is that an hour-long bus ride cannot be used in a useful way and easily gets boring and lengthy. Time is nowadays considered as a scarce resource to everyone. Considering the available time during bus-journeys the possibility implies to use this time for something useful to overcome this boredom. Subtitle

Our solution

myhibou. is the perfect solution to turn waiting time into an experience. It provides the user with a collection of various exclusive local and international magazines in one app. The user can enjoy high-quality content out of areas like politics, culture, lifestyle, science, history and much more - on his own device!

The business model

Myhibou. represents a platform connecting users and publishers that offers a digital composition of exclusive, international and high-quality magazines all in one app. Revenues are generated by charging a fixed, low-priced fee to the customer who in turn can access the magazines during the bus journey. Long distance bus rides - being a fast growing market - were chosen as an appropriate channel for the market entry to launch the app and to gain visibility. The customer is able to choose from the wide-ranging offer and read magazines. This gives him a meaningful activity during the hour-long ride. Additionally, this access affords the opportunity to discover magazines that he might have not even known before. For the publishers this means that myhibou. is offering a platform for them to increase their own visibility among many new potential customers. Providing content via the myhibou. app offers them a new marketing channel and makes customers aware of their interesting high-quality content. They will gain an additional distribution channel and a potential additional revenue stream because the customer can optionally purchase articles even if he is out of the “location-based” zone. Data on customer preferences and reading behavior will give publisher interesting insights for continuous improvements as well. Considering all the benefits, publishers are providing their magazines to myhibou. for free or at a low price.

Contact Person

  • M.Sc. Sophia R. Pipke

Student team

  • Fabienne Meyer

  • Katrin Kaiser

  • Magdalena Prasser

  • Sophia Pipke


  • Dr. Rudolf Dömötör

  • Dr. Kathrin Reinsberger

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