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06. Juli 2020

Sommersemester 2020 - Studentisches Start-up Projekt


In the E&I Garage course we had the opportunity to use our entrepreneurial skills and knowledge from the Core Lectures and different workshops we had during the course to make our own startup idea become a reality. Our initial idea was a navigation App for ski resorts, but after several pivots we are now on the road to create an online market place for skiing tickets and want to become a pioneer for the digital ski ticket.


As our team consists of dedicated skiers, our goal is to come up with innovative solutions for the skiing industry. We want to enable easy access to the mountains and push ahead the digitalization of skiing areas.


We approached this with the “lean startup method” which is characterized by constant build-measure-learn cycles. We conducted surveys with over 400 participants in which we identified the biggest pain points for skiers. We also had several interviews with skiing resorts where we learned about the industry and their point of view and we also had a meeting with one of the board members of Axess, one of the largest suppliers of POS and access systems. After each build measure learn cycle we adapted our idea and business model. Through constant iterative processes, lots of discussions and a 180 degree pivot we came to our end product.


As a result we came up with MyAlpes. In the first place we want to create a marketplace for skiing tickets. People can buy their skiing tickets even before the season starts online with our user friendly App and can easily get it at pickup boxes in the skiing resorts. Furthermore the digital skiing ticket is already in the testing phase, and as soon as it is available it will be implemented on MyAlpes. If every skiing resort would have to build their own App for this and the skiers would have to download a new App for each skiing resort they go to, this would be a mess. Therefore we see this as our big chance! We also plan to add a dynamic pricing feature, where the price for the skiing ticket varies depending on the weather forecast and on how long you buy it in advance. This is not only good for the skiers as they get discounts but also helps the skiing areas with their liquidity bottlenecks during off-season. When we have a large user base in the future we also plan to implement other features like a navigation tool, ski rental and hut reservations to become the go to App for skiers.

Cooperation Partner

  • MyAlpes

Contact Person

  • Stefan Ortner

Student Team

  • Stefan Ortner
    Pascal Keck
    Adrian Strobl
    Florian Leitner
    Guillermo Güemes Ferrer

Project Manager

  • Alexander Staub, M.Sc. 

  • Thomas Pannermayr, MSc (WU)  

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