01. August 2021

Sommersemester 2021 / Student Start-up


We are a team of five students from WU Vienna, TU Vienna and BOKU Vienna with very different competences and skills. What we all have in common is a sustainable mindset and the ambition to take part in a change for a greener future.

Therefore, we all welcomed the decision of the EU to implement a ban on single-use plastic within July 2021. This restriction will also affect plastic cutlery. We knew the new law will have a positive impact on the current plastic pollution problem but questioned ourselves whether the alternatives to single use plastic cutlery, which are present on the market are a sustainable enough solution. We concluded, no! And that there is a market gap that we want to fill with a zero waste and convenient product that can meet the current spirit of age.

Within the past months, we developed several prototypes of edible ice cream spoons. We finally sophisticated a recipe that fulfils the requirements of stability and a great eating experience. So far, we developed two main flavours, cocoa and lemon-vanilla, and we plan on many more to come.

We love our edible cookie-like spoons, who can easily keep up with conventional ice cream spoons. Even better, instead of chewing on a plastic or wooden tool until you spot a trash bin, it serves you as a great tasting snack and will be the icing on the cake of your ice-cream experience.

Our spoons are made from 100% regrowing ingredients, are lactose free, vegan and, as we already mentioned, will come in many different flavours. To meet the requirements of an even wider market, we plan on developing a gluten free version and other cutlery tools as well, such as tablespoons, forks and knifes.

You wonder how a cookie should serve you as a spoon to eat your soup? We understand your worries but will take them from you. Conducting experiments and developing our recipes, even our prototype ice-cream spoons now last for more than 75 minutes in cold liquids and 40 minutes in warm dishes. Impressive, right? We think so too and are convinced that the world is just waiting for our product to conquer the market. To do so, we aim to first partner up with ice cream stores in Spain, Italy, and Greece as there the market demand on ice-cream spoons is due to the climate very high.

Although there are by now three competitors who offer the same as we do, we see potential in the market as we stand out by firstly our price. We sell one spoon for 6 cents. And secondly, we offer different flavours. Thirdly our spoons are durable for 75 minutes which exceeds the competition.

In order to launch our product and to reach our service obtainable market amounting to €1,2 million we will need an investment fund of €80,000.

If we manage to ensure our financing, we plan our break-even point in July 2023.

Till the end of 2021 our goal is to find a production facility and to acquire investors. Our launch will be beginning of next year. In 2024 a milestone will be to sell to entire Europe and in 2025 we aim to sell worldwide.

Student team

  • Marie Fink

  • Mika Geissler

  • Thaddäa Rath

  • Alp Tamer

  • Vanessa Wurm


  • Michael Ambros

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