Launching the FESTO LX e-learning platform in Africa

06. Juli 2020

Sommersemester 2020 - Festo Didactic


This project is conducted on the foundation of the work done by the team from last term focusing on the education market in Africa. Its purpose is to identify countries in Africa with the highest market potential for the launch of the Festo LX e-learning platform.


Starting the project work in March 2020, Festo Didactic proposed 10 countries that were ranked for the highest profitability for a market entry based on the findings of the preceding group. These countries were ranked on additional factors that narrowed down the research and reflected upon the specific needs of launching an e-learning platform. Based on these insights, a ranking has been derived and the top four countries were chosen for a deeper analysis.


The ten pre-selected countries concerned were South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Botswana, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda which were first ranked based on the feasibility of whether the country’s technical infrastructure meets the requirements for launching an e-learning platform. In order to further derive the top four countries, all the countries were also compared on the existence of target groups, level of education, economy, politics, social and development levels. In order to give a meaningful and detailed insight into the viability and desirability of Festo LX, further analysis has been conducted on the top four countries: South Africa, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. Regarding the viability of the platform, a market size estimation based on the TAM-SAM-SOM approach has been conducted. Moreover, the desirability aspect in the fourcountries is given through a competitor analysis and benchmarking of the Festo LX features.


The further analysis of the top four countries permitted for certain strategic recommendations for Festo Didactic. First, the top four countries for a successful entry have been identified, namely: South Africa, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. Based on these findings, the strategic recommendation is to observe trends of the pilot version in these four countries before further exploration in other countries. Furthermore, in order to have a successful entry for the pilot version we believe that a further encouragement on the use of the platform could be reached through a more diversified variety of languages and also a tight collaboration with local universities in order to reach more potential customers and see to what extent translation is viable.

Cooperation Partner

  • Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. KG
    Rechbergstraße 3
    73770 Denkendorf

Contact Person

  • Nader Imani

Student Team

  • Anna-Maria Jonach
    Boroka Glatz
    Gunther Winkler
    Könül Ahmadova
    Michel Öz
    Niko Immonen
    Zsófia Trapp

Project Manager

  • Sophie Quach

  • Linn Kretzschmar

  • Shtefi Mladenovska

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