INVISOUND - The smart audio solution that blends in, so your offering stands out.

09. Februar 2021

Wintersemester 2020 - Start-up project


INVISOUND's mission is to create the perfect acoustic atmosphere in restaurants, retail stores and cafes by equipping them with seamlessly integrated, intelligent ceiling tile speakers that use bending wave technology to deliver consistent, high-quality audio throughout the venue. In addition to being completely invisible and acoustically difficult to locate, the speakers intelligently adjust volume to ambient noise levels, ensuring that the sound system does what it's supposed to do: help stores leverage their key advantage over online vendors - their ambience.

Our main goal is to increase customer satisfaction by improving the auditory atmosphere, which leads to higher sales for the restaurant/store owner. Several studies have shown the impact of the right background music on customer buying behavior - people stay longer, feel happier, order more and end up paying more. But these positive effects can also turn into the opposite if the background music is too loud, too soft, or generally irritating. INVISOUND eliminates this risk and ensures the perfect acoustic ambience that keeps customers remembering and coming back for the outstanding emotional experience at the point of sale.
Our team used the lean startup method to identify a problem and find an adapted to the needs of our potential customers solution to it. We conducted five iterations of extensive market research, consisting of online surveys and in-person interviews with audio industry experts and private consumers. We built three prototypes, tested them, and learned a lot from feedback from the people we interacted with. All of this led to our current desirable, feasible and viable product with a business and financial model that shows its remarkable market potential.

From the research explained above, we were able to identify the right customer segment for us, namely restaurants, retail stores and cafes, with restaurants as the beachhead market. The main findings from our research showed us that our product is not suitable for the B2C sector, as installation in brick walls and ceilings is complicated and costly. On the other hand, we were able to confirm that the majority of people have experienced distracting sound in restaurants and retail stores, business owners complain about the crude design and high installation costs of traditional speakers, workers have additional concerns due to the need for manual sound adjustment, and industry-leading audio experts believe in the market potential of our product.

Cooperation Partner


Contact Person

  • Mariyana Angelova

Student Team

  • Adrian Kilzer
    Daniel Schiel
    Jeremias Brändle
    Mariyana Angelova
    Matthias Hofmanninger

Project Manager

  • Tuong-Vi Sophie Quach

  • Alexander Staub

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