How to bring NENI to the workplace

09. Februar 2021

Wintersemester 2020 - NENI


Operating restaurants and cooking schools as well as supplying retailers all over Europe, NENI is a well-established brand known for its high-quality products and healthy cuisine. In cooperation with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the company wishes to transfer their kitchen concept to the office catering market. 


The main aim of this project was to provide NENI with a precise and detailed understanding of their target market (B2B) and customers (B2C). Specifically, the identification of the needs, wants and expectations of both, end customers and contract caterers, were of major importance. Furthermore, based on the findings, a prototype for entering the office catering market was to be created.


Throughout the whole project, the design thinking method has been applied and followed. In the first step, a vast number of interviews was carried out to empathize with the target group. Further defining the gathered information helped to uncover valuable key insights, which guided the ideation process. By narrowing down a huge amount of radically brainstormed ideas, ten final ones remained and served as a foundation for developing and testing prototypes in a recurring cycle.


Market research reveals that customers desire to know where their food comes from, enjoy the possibility to customize meals, value their lunch break and appreciate appropriate prices and discounts. Various prototypes that aspire to fulfil these needs are being conceptualized. The iterative approach of collecting feedback and refining the designs does not only allow continuous improvement of the outcome but also ensure that customers approve of it.

Eventually, all the efforts result, among other aspects, in the creation of a multi-functional App, a customized lunch concept as well as an innovative loyalty system, all of which will enable the company to enter the office catering market and bring the NENI experience to the workplace. 

Cooperation Partner

  • NENI am Tisch GmbH
    Naschmarkt 510
    1060 Vienna

Contact Person

  • Ilan Molcho

Student Team

  • Viktoria Gruber

  • Chiara-Maria Hammerer

  • Niklas Holy

  • Claudio Lercher

  • Zahra Sadeghyar

  • Franziska Wurm

Project Manager

  • Linn Kretzschmar, MSc

  • Mag. Benjamin Monsorno, MA

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