Festo Didactic LX: Tailoring a customer care strategy to meet the complex needs of an education provider

01. August 2021

Sommersemester 2021 / Festo Didactic


Festo Didactic LX as part of the Festo Group, is a provider of online learning solutions catering to both learners and teachers. Transporting knowledge varying from technical to soft skills, the company aims to offer a learning experience tailored to the specific learners and teachers. This marks the management of customer relationships as a core business activity for the company.

As part of the course “EduTech Strategy”, our project partner tasked us with analyzing their current customer care process, finding areas for improvement, and suggesting solutions to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction of their strategy.


Our goal was to create a holistic customer care strategy for Festo Didactic LX by combining the views of a variety of stakeholders. In addition to the customers, Festo employees and the management had to be taken to account in addition to observing the possibilities currently in existence where customer relationship management is concerned.  


The results were generated through a process with multiple steps. A review of the current situation followed by an extensive literature research to identify current possibilities within customer care formed the base of our work. It was followed up by an analysis of those options to identify those that are viable for Festo Didactic LX. The final step was to set up an implementation guide for our project partner which includes placing our suggestions within a hierarchy of importance weighted by effort and impact.


Through our research and repeated interaction with the project partner the decision was made to place the focus on the stages conversion, retention, and loyalty.  We found that the most pressing issues within the company are the lack of knowledge transfer, speed and consistency when replying to customer requests. We therefore recommend purchasing a ready-made CRM tool in order to cover the most basic necessities within their customer care strategy until they are integrated into Festo’s own CRM tool. The next step is setting up self-service options such as an FAQ site and a guided first-time usage of the platform. After this, the recommendation is to cover the most important channels of communication with customers such as mail, phone, and online communication to ensure a quick response time and low effort on the side of the customers. The last step is a guided review and analysis of the process a few months after implementation with a list of topics to be considered when reviewing the situation at that point in time. This allows for flexible and adaptable reactions to future situations.

Cooperation Partner

  • Festo Didactic SE
    Rechbergstraße 3
    73770 Denkendorf

Contact Person

  • Dr. Ute Gebhard

    Dr. Phillip Melzer

Student Team

  • Hannah Gierlinger
    Matthias Meyer
    Andreas Morscher
    Cathrin Steiner
    Jan Tanson

Project Manager

  • Caroline Fabian

  • Shtefi Mladenovska

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