Geoinformation meets Technology: New business opportunities for the inFrame Bike Tracker.

01. August 2021

Sommersemester 2021 / Spatial Services GmbH


Spatial Services GmbH is an Austrian Start-Up based in Salzburg. The company is specialized in developing and implementing geoinformation products and services and has recently developed a smart biking device called the “inFrame Bike Tracker”.

Together with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Spatial Services wanted to research further application fields for their technology to explore further market potential.

This project aims to discover and develop new application fields for the technology within the inFrame Bike Tracker via the TCL method (Technological Competence Leveraging).

The first step of this method is choosing a technology used in a specific field and then deriving its main attributes and how they benefit the users. After summarizing the main user benefits, further interviews and secondary research have to be conducted in order to identify new application fields for this technology. In total, over 30 interviews were conducted by the project group during the semester. Finally, after presenting 12 identified application fields and further findings to the project partners, the two most promising application fields were identified and chosen for further market analyses.

The first identified application field was smart biking. Within this field, there is a multitude of useful applications. The main focus, however, lies on professional bikers and athletes. For example, it can be used for live performance optimization during bike races or data gathering during endurance runs.
The second identified application field is the tracking of the elderly. The inFrame Bike Tracker, which has high spatial accuracy and can track the bikers’ location and health-state in real-time, could monitor older adults because of the relevant features it has to do so. The spatial data would be used to inform the doctors or other people responsible for the older adults about their spatiotemporal pattern and in case they need assistance. In addition, the doctors and other people responsible for the elderly can use the health-state tracking feature to identify any health problems promptly. The main idea would be to implement the technology within wheelchairs or walkers, creating smart wheelchairs and walkers, respectively.

Cooperation Partner

  • Spatial Services GmbH
    Schillerstraße 30
    5020 Salzburg

Contact Person

  • Assoz. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Hermann Klug

  • Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Blaschke

Student Team

  • Moritz Hütteneder

  • Selina Deutschbauer

  • Rouven Margules

  • Maria Kremneva

  • Hazem Al Kouzbari

  • Zeina El Husseini

  • Maximilian Niedermeyer

Project Manager

  • Mag. Benjamin Monsorno

  • Dr. Jakob Pohlisch

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