Corporate mobility application in the Austrian market

01. August 2021

Sommersemester 2021 / Fluidtime Data Services


FluidTime GmbH, is an Austrian IT company, focusing on Mobility-as-a-Service applications. The company currently has over 30 employees, as well as three functional managers, Michael Kieslinger (CEO), Rita Landauer (COO) and Stephan Strodl (CTO). FluidTime is a pioneer in the sector of mobility, as they were already founded back in 2004 in Vienna. In 2009 they entered the Austrian market with their application qando, which was the number one routing app up until 2020. With a total amount of 30 million requests and 500.000 unique users per month the application was one of the most successful routing apps in the Austrian market.

At the same time the success of qando was the cornerstone for the launch of the B2B Mobility-as-a-Service application FluidWay. The purpose of mentioned app is to shape corporate mobility and simultaneously make it more appealing by acting as an interface between various mobility providers. The mission is to combine numerous mobility offers such as, Uber, Lime, ShareNow, Wiener Linien and much more into one application, and make it possible for corporate employees to pay using their given mobility budget. Furthermore, a main feature of the application is the possibility to include a company’s car fleet into the pool of shared mobility options. Which is beneficial to companies as they can maximize their existing car fleet usage, as well as reduce their overall fleet size in the long run. The corporate mobility app also caters towards the sustainability needs of both, employees, which want to live a more sustainable lifestyle and firms, as they can strengthen their brand this way.


Following the success of its previous product qando and 17 years of experience in this area, FluidTime is now looking to enter the Austrian market with its application FluidWay. By engaging in this university project, the goal of FluidTime was to identify the most attractive city in Austria, which could be entered starting in 2022, and to assess the corresponding financial and market conditions.


After the project team made themselves familiar with the MaaS industry, the project was structured into three phases. In the first phase, familiarity with the service had to be established, as well as company and employee needs identified. Furthermore, the key benefits and features of the application were pointed out. In the second phase the market size for FluidWay’s corporate mobility app was calculated by using a complex market sizing model. Additionally, the project team looked at the mobility service industry as a whole, to identify possible competitors in the target market. Subsequently, in the third phase of the project, the best fitting revenue streams for the app were explored and determined. Furthermore, a projection of the financial situation was made.


As a last step, based on the collected insights and the thorough analysis of given topics, the project team developed not only a tailor-made market entry recommendation but also gave insights to possible market and financial conditions. Furthermore a milestone plan for the next 4 years and a deep and thorough SWOT analysis were developed.

Cooperation Partner

Contact Person

  • Stefanie Pichler

Student Team

  • Paul Ambroziewicz
    Nicolas Büttner
    Nicolas Grassinger
    Fabian König
    Ling Kai Pan

Project Manager

  • Richard Olbrecht, MSc.

  • Alessio Delpero, PhD.

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