Business Planning - Rebel Meat

18. Februar 2020

Wintersemester 2019 - Rebel Meat


This semester we collaborated with Rebel Meat GmbH as a part of a Business Planning project. The company has set itself the goal of more sustainable consumption as well as the reduction of meat consumption by developing a product that consists of 50% meat and 50% vegetable-based ingredients. All the ingredients are sourced and processed locally, to save resources.


In course of the E&I project, we created a complete business plan and placed the focus on specific items upon request of our project partner. Rebel Meat in particular approached us with the following tasks:

Firstly, we had to figure out the definition of the right market and the size.  Secondly, Rebel Meat wanted to know in which form (minced, processed product) they should offer their product in retail so that consumers would buy it. Finally, we have set up a financial plan to show that this project can be profitable.

It wasn't always easy to keep an overview of the project, because the company is in a state of flux. That's why we tried to create an overview, using the Business Model Canvas. 

Method & Results

For the market research, we have decided on a top-down analysis approach of the meat market. We divided the market into two sectors. A B2B segment, where the products are sold to restaurants, which then resell them to the end customer; and a B2C segment, where the products are listed in the retail markets. Finally, we calculated a total aggregated market potential of nearly € 1 billion.

As part of our product research, we conducted a quantitative survey, with open- and closed-ended questions with different scales (Likert, etc.)

We decided to conduct the survey mainly online, but worked face to face with a few people. For the assessment, we have chosen to collect and cluster the open questions and create diagrams for better insights. Our research has shown that customers are willing to buy hybrid-meat-products in retail stores and that the preferred products, that the customers are willing to find, are burger patties, sausages, and minced meat.     

Cooperation Partner

  • Rebel Meat GmbH
    Lindengasse 56
    1070 Wien

Contact Person

  • Wolfgang Haidinger

Student team

  • Michael Schweiger

  • Adrian Strobl

  • Florian Strauß

  • Maximilian Wild

  • Sebastian Felber


  • Schultes, Mariella

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