Become a young leader without detours with OBERWASSER peer coaching

01. August 2021

Sommersemester 2021 / OBERWASSER


A survey conducted by one of the founders of OBERWASSER confirmed the problem they detected in the first place: Most young leaders struggle with the same challenges. At the same time, the majority thinks to be the only one having to face and overcome these obstacles. Unfortunately, nowadays many organizations struggle to identify and meet the needs of young talents. The training formats offered by companies to support young leaders often do not provide the expected help. That’s what drives the founders.

OBERWASSER brings those young leaders together. Therefore it created a unique peer coaching program exactly for those who feel left behind. Building on the four core elements real-life focus, reflection, best practices and network young leaders can take shortcuts and avoid detours in their career path.

With Felix Rüsch, former SVP Corporate Strategy at OMV and coach in the field of organizational development, and Maximilian Reiter, experienced in moderating workshops through his role at Austrian Airlines, a perfect duo for carrying out OBERWASSER peer coaching was found.


Since the founder team needed support in the area of marketing and sales, the main goal was to develop a marketing and sales strategy (especially a social media strategy). In addition to that, we focused on an implementation plan for OBERWASSER as well as on an expansion plan to other cities in Austria and Germany.


To get to our results we used different methods. To substantiate the analysis of our target group we brainstormed together with our project partners, identified pains & needs and rated them by their attractiveness for OBERWASSER. As a kick-off for the marketing and sales chapter, we performed a workshop together with Max. Of course, we mainly did research in databases and studies concerning the training & coaching market.


We were able to achieve the main goal. The marketing and sales strategy was developed in a very detailed manner. Especially, the paid social media strategy was elaborated in detail, so that the founders are able to implement it. In addition to that, the founder team was able to get valuable input from the project team that led to improvements of OBERWASSER.

Cooperation Partner

Contact Person

  • Felix Rüsch                        Maximilian Reiter 
    +43 676 789 99 03            + 43 664 231 95 92

Student Team

  • Jan Ritter, Niclas Spechtenhauser, Nadine Mayr, Melina Müller

Project Manager

  • Olbrecht, Richard

  • Delpero, Alessio

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