A breakthrough in the fashion industry

06. Juli 2020

Sommersemester 2020 - Studentisches Start-up Projekt


Leather Tattoo is a startup project that aims to power fashion designers with an easier and cheaper access to tattooed leather materials without having to wait long times or to pay expensive prices.


In Leather Tattoo, we have a solid and talented engineering core that visions to build an automated process of tattooing leather in a fast and cost-efficient manner. We will provide a revolutionary way for fashion designers to produce new styles with an assurance of high durability and quality designs.


With the high competencies of our team in business development, financing, mechanical engineering, and production management we targeted to produce a machine capable of tattooing and post processing leather material in a big scale to meet our demand. We will receive from the fashion designers the specific leathers that they want to work with, and we will then execute the tattooed designs demanded by these clients with high precision, multi-color and fast.

Why? Because we believe today’s fashion designers are not reaching their full creative potential when working with leather. And we are here to change that! We will make sure they receive the best customer service, at the best price and quick, so they can focus on what they do best. Designing.


So far so… GREAT!

The team has already a working prototype capable of producing simple but beautiful designs on leather. The team is also working around the clock to have a fully capable prototype before starting to build the final machine itself.

We conducted multiple contacts with tattoo artists, and we are close to engage with an expert in the field to help us optimize the prototype.

We are currently in a close contact with our first customer, a local fashion designer that is excited to start working with us.

Adding to this, the team is ready and hungry for success!

Cooperation Partner

  • Leather Tattoo

Contact Person

  • Florian Chytilek

Student Team

  • Florian Chytilek
    Johann Li
    Thomas Mandl
    Tomás Raio
    Michael Koller

Project Manager

  • Michael Filzmoser 

  • Dragos-Cristian Vasilescu

  • Alexander Staub

  • Thomas Pannermayr

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