Dr. Franziska Metz

Fran­ziska Metz is rese­ar­cher and lecturer at the Insti­tute for Entre­pre­neurship and Inno­va­tion, WU Vienna Univer­sity of Econo­mics and Busi­ness. Her rese­arch inte­rests lie at the inter­sec­tion of Inno­va­tion, Consumer Beha­vior, and Entre­pre­neurship. She is parti­cu­larly inte­rested in Open and User Inno­va­tion.

Fran­ziska Metz received her Ph.D. at WU Vienna Univer­sity of Econo­mics and Busi­ness. Her disser­ta­tion mainly focused on mass cust­o­miza­tion and cust­omer co-crea­tion, a possi­bi­lity to outsource design activi­ties to users. During her doctoral studies at WU Vienna she spent one semester at the Univer­sity St. Gallen (HSG).

The results of her rese­arch have been presented on inter­na­tional confe­rences like AMA (American Marke­ting Asso­cia­tion) Confe­rence, ACR (Asso­cia­tion for Consumer Rese­arch) Confe­rence, PDMA (Product Deve­lop­ment and Manage­ment Asso­cia­tion) Confe­rence, and OUI (Open and User Inno­va­tion) Confe­rence.


  • Mobi­lity Scho­lar­ship WU Vienna (2017)

  • Swiss Euro­pean Mobi­lity Scho­lar­ship (Univer­sity of St. Gallen) (2016)

  • PDMA Disser­ta­tion Proposal Fina­list (2016)

  • Inno­va­tive Teaching Award 2016 (WU Vienna) (2016)

  • Scho­lar­ship of Academic Excel­lence (AAU) (2012)

  • Joint Study Scho­lar­ship (2012)

  • Austrian Mobi­lity Scho­lar­ship (Kaerntner Spar­kasse) (2012)

  • WiWi-­Ta­lent (2012)

  • Baden-Wu­erttem­berg Scho­lar­ship (2010)


Publi­ca­tions & Teaching