You can find a detailed list of all lectures offered by the Institute for International Economics and Development here.

The institute coordinates all International Macroeconomics courses. Apart from Macroeconomics, the main areas that are covered by the institutes teaching activities include International Economics, Foreign Trade and Development. Members of the institute also offer lectures on Economic Foundations, Political Economy and History of Thought as well as on Heterodox Economics. 

Bachelors and Masters Theses

At the institute for International Economics and Development, Prof. Becker and Prof. Kubin supervise Bachelors and Masters theses independently; other members of the institute can co-supervise.

If you want to write your thesis at this institute, having visited a pertinent course (e.g. an optional or specialist course offered by the institute) is mandatory.

Possible topics for said theses can be proposed by the students themselves; some topics are proposed by the institute. In addition, we also point out suitable topics in the respective courses we teach.

Prior to the allocation of a research topic, we discuss motivation, ideas regarding content and special preconditions for the writing of a thesis with the students.

Bachelors or Masters theses at our institute have to be worked on alone (no group projects); we expect students to hand in a disposition which we consequently discuss with them. Generally, we also expect students to present their findings and thus give colleagues who are working on their theses themselves the possibility to partake in these presentations.

The thesis can be written in German or English; by arrangement and in well-founded individual cases, it can also be written in French or Spanish.

Prof Becker accepts propositions containing topic, outline and schedule only during the first three weeks of the semester. He then decides which theses to supervise.