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Mag. Dr. Matthias Schnetzer

WU Vienna
Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna
mail: matthias.schnetzer[at]


  • since 2013: Lecturer, Institute for Macroeconomics, WU Wien

  • since 2013: Economist, Department of Economics and Statistics, Chamber of Labor Vienna

  • 2011-2013: Research associate and lecturer, Institute for Fiscal and Monetary Policy, WU Wien [Project in cooperation with Statistics Austria]

  • 2009-2012: Lecturer in Political Economy and European Union Economics, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna

  • 2009-2010: Research associate, Institute for Monetary and Fiscal Policy, WU Wien [Project in cooperation with Oesterreichische Nationalbank]

  • 2009: Graduation in economics (Diplomstudium Volkswirtschaft) at the University of Vienna, Thesis: The Immigrant Wage Gap in Austria, Supervisor: Prof. DI Dr. Christine Zulehner

  • 2008-2011: Editorial journalist for financial markets, Austrian Press Agency (APA)

Research Interests

  • Economic Inequality and Social Mobility

  • Distribution of Income and Wealth

  • Political Economy and Economic PolicyHeterodox Economics

  • Publications   Moser, M./Schnetzer, M.: The Income-Inequality Nexus in a Developed Country. Small-scale regional evidence from Austria. Regional Studies (forthcoming).   Rehm, M./Schnetzer, M.: Property and Power: Lessons from Piketty and new insights from the HFCS. European Journal of Economics and Economic Policy 12(2), 204–219    Schnetzer, M./Astleithner, F./Ćetković, P./Humer, S./Lenk, M./Moser, M.: Quality As- sessment of Imputations in Administrative Data. Journal of Official Statistics 31(2), 231-247   Humer, S./Moser, M./Schnetzer, M.: Socioeconomic structures of the Austrian wealth distribution. Empirica 42(2), 269–289    Marterbauer, M./Rehm, M./Schnetzer, M. (2014): Krise und Einkommensverteilung in Österreich. Juridikum 1/2014: 58-71   Humer, S./Moser, M./Schnetzer, M./Ertl, M./Kilic, A. (2014): Über die Bedeutung von Kapitaleinkommen für die Einkommensverteilung Österreichs. Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Vol. 39, No. 4, pp. 571-586    Schnetzer, M./Altzinger W. (2013): Intergenerational transmission of socioeconomic conditions in Austria in the context of European welfare regimes. Momentum Quarterly Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 108-126 

  • Further publications @ [FIDES]


  • Wirtschaftspolitik

  • Wirtschafts- und Finanzpolitik

  • Politische Ökonomie und Theoriegeschichte

  • European Union Economics