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Univ.Prof. Dr. Renate E. Meyer

Renate Meyer

Phone: +43-1-313 36 - 4437

Biographical Sketch

Research Interests

Institutional theory, framing strategies, visual rhetoric, social identities, translation, organizational forms, changing governance structures, urban governance, public corporate governance, public accounting, mixed methods


SBWL Organisation: Grundkurs 1 - Organisation und Governance

SBWL Organisation: Vertiefungskurs 1 - Neue Modelle der Organisation und Governance


Management: Financial and Management Accounting

Management: Organization Theory

Management: Masterarbeit Coaching

Management: Masterarbeit Defensio


Research Seminar

CEMS PhD Course "Organizing Agents and Institutions", CBS Copenhagen Business School

CBS PhD Course "Institutional Organizational Analysis - Change and Transformation"

Research and Publications

A comprehensive list of research projects in which Renate Meyer is involved as well as a list of her publications can be found in the FIDES documentation.