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Lisa-Maria Grob, LL.M. (WU)

Lisa-Maria Grob, LL.M. (WU)
Lisa-Maria Grob, LL.M. (WU)

Biographical Sketch

Lisa-Maria is a teaching and research associate and doctoral candidate at the Research Institute for Urban Management and Governance, WU Vienna University for Economics and Business. She holds an LL.M. degree from the WU Vienna. Previous experience includes work as a legal clerk at various courts in the district of the Vienna Court of Appeals and as a research associate at the Research Institute for Urban Management and Governance. In addition, Lisa-Maria has worked at a law firm with a focus on environmental law and as a junior researcher at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law (WU Vienna).

Research Interests

Lisa-Marias research interests include legal issues in connection with approval procedures for industrial installations, regional and spatial planning law, public construction law, the fiscal constitution and tax law. In her current research, Lisa-Maria is working on legal issues of urban production and contractual planning in urban development. In her doctoral thesis, Lisa-Maria deals with legal issues of sustainable urban development.

Selected Research Projects

  • VERTICALurbanFACTORY - Innovative Konzepte der vertikalen Verdichtung von Produktion und Stadt

  • E-PROFIL - Quartiersprofile für optimierte energietechnische Transformationsprozesse


Selected Publications

  • Madner/Grob, Potentiale der Raumplanung für eine klimafreundliche Mobilität, Juridikum 2019/4, p. 521-532.

  • Madner/Grob, Maßnahmen zur Stärkung von Orts- und Stadtkernen auf Bundesebene, in Österreichische Raumordnungskonferenz (ed), ÖROK-Schriftenreihe Nr. 205 Stärkung von Orts- und Stadtkernen in Österreich (2019)

  • Grob, Verfassungskonformität des Artikel 14 DBA Liechtenstein, in Blum/Marchgraber/Spies (eds), Praxisfälle Steuerrecht² (2017)


A comprehensive list of research projects in which Lisa Grob is involved as well as a list of her publications can be found in the FIDES documentation.