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Legal Issues of Energy Planning

Research field: Urban Transformations Towards Sustainability: A Law and Governance Perspective

Energy planning aims at avoiding CO2 emissions, increasing energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewable energies in cities. This requires an integrated analysis of spatial and energy-related planning issues at the municipal level. International examples indicate that a variety of (legal) instruments can be used in energy planning. These include energy-related stipulations in zoning plans, energy-related requirements in private contracts between cities and real estate developers or funding incentives. The integrated consideration of spatial planning and energy planning as well as the implementation of integrated energy supply solutions raise numerous legal questions. In this context legal aspects of energy planning in the City of Vienna are analysed in cooperation with the city administration. The findings can serve as a basis for the "Integrated Energy Planning" concept, as provided in the STEP 2025. An ongoing dissertation project pursues the comprehensive analysis of the legal questions of energy planning.

Project Lead: Univ.Prof. Dr. Verena Madner