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Pro­ject launch for new FFG-­fun­ded re­search pro­ject

Un­der the guid­ance of Prof. Ver­ena Mad­ner a new re­search pro­ject fun­ded by the FFG in the con­text of the pro­gramme "Stadt der Zukunft" is launched in Oc­to­ber 2015.

E_­PRO­FIL is a set of meth­ods (an IT-sup­por­ted toolkit) for the elab­or­a­tion of neigh­bour­hood pro­files. The aim of the pro­ject is to fa­cil­it­ate an en­ergy and re­source ef­fi­cient devel­op­ment in the plan­ning prac­tice of Aus­trian cit­ies. Fur­ther­more, the pro­ject is an im­port­ant as­set for re­search and plan­ning activ­it­ies in Europe and can also be ap­plied to other neigh­bour­hoods.

For fur­ther in­form­a­tion please check our re­search Pro­jects.


Pro­ject launch for two FFG-­fun­ded re­search pro­jects

Un­der the guid­ance of Prof. Ver­ena Mad­ner two pro­jects of basic re­search fun­ded by the FFG in the con­text of the pro­gramme "En­er­gie der Zukunft/Stadt der Zukunft" are launched in Septem­ber 2014.

The pro­ject PRoBateS (http://www.probates-­pro­ ana­lyses plan­ning and build­ing le­gis­la­tion in order to identify bar­ri­ers, po­ten­tials and suit­able courses of ac­tion for en­ergy-ori­ent­ated policy meas­ures (lead: Re­search In­sti­tute of Urban Man­age­ment and Gov­ernance; pro­ject part­ner: Aus­trian In­sti­tute of Tech­no­logy - AIT).

The pro­ject SPRINKLE (­­ults.html/id7833) ex­plores pro­cesses of smart city gov­ernance in small and me­di­um-s­ized cit­ies (lead: Aus­trian In­sti­tute for Re­gional Stud­ies and Spa­tial Plan­ning - OIR; fur­ther pro­ject part­ner: Vi­enna Uni­versity of Tech­no­logy/ISRA).

For fur­ther in­form­a­tion please check re­search pro­jects.

In­ter­na­tional Work­shop

Giv­ing visual and ma­ter­ial form to ideas, iden­tity and ima­gin­a­tion: Ar­chi­tec­ture, urb­an­ism and sus­tain­able con­struc­tion

WU Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness, MAY 12-13, 2014

Or­gan­izers: Eva Box­en­baum, CGS Mines Par­isTech; Can­dace Jones, Bo­ston Col­lege; Ren­ate Meyer, WU Vi­enna; Silviya Sve­jen­ova, CBS Copen­ha­gen Busi­ness School

Key­note speak­ers were:

  • Tre­vor Pinch, Cor­nell Uni­versity

  • Roy Sud­daby, Uni­versity of Al­berta