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Mission Statement

The Management Accounting and Control Group was founded at WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien in 2002. It is part of the Institute for Accounting and Auditing, along with the Tax Management Group under Prof. Eberhartinger, the Financial Accounting and Auditing Group under Prof. Bertl and die International Accounting Group under Prof. Kosi. The Institute is a subdivision of the Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics, which incorporates one institute in Finance, one institute in Statistic and Mathematics, and the four above-mentioned accounting groups. Prof. Riegler has been in charge of leading the Management Accounting and Control Group since its founding. The Group's research activities concentrate mainly on management accounting and business taxation, as well as selected business reporting issues. In teaching, the Group is responsible for courses in the field of accounting in a number of degree programs. The Group's team currently consists of four Research Associates who are doctoral candidates, three Lecturers, two eAssistants, one eTutor, and a secretary. Because of the Group's comprehensive teaching activities, two additional staff members are also employed who are responsible solely for teaching, and they are supported by an additional 9 external lecturers from the business community. The Group conducts research in cooperation with colleagues from universities in Austria and abroad.