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Study Support

Study Support

The Study Sup­port ser­vice unit provides in­form­a­tion and sup­port for stu­dents regard­ing their stud­ies and any is­sues they may have. It belongs to the Rector's Coun­cil (Vice Rector for Aca­demic Pro­grams and Stu­dent Af­fairs) and con­sists of the fol­low­ing three units: 

  • Ex­am­in­a­tions Of­fice

  • Study In­form­a­tion

  • Ad­mis­sions

The head of the Study Sup­port ser­vice unit is Mag. Ute Steffl-Wais.

The fol­low­ing staff units also belong the the Study Sup­port ser­vice unit:

Tasks and Re­spons­ib­il­it­ies

Ex­am­in­a­tions Of­fice
  • Or­gan­iz­ing and ad­min­is­ter­ing exams (e.g., exam sched­ules, exam weeks, sub­ject exams (FP), in­di­vidual exams, no-show policy) 

  • Is­su­ing of tran­scripts

  • Or­gan­iz­ing gradu­ation ce­re­mon­ies

Study In­form­a­tion
  • Ad­vising stu­dents

  • Of­fer­ing study-re­lated events

  • Of­fer­ing an ori­ent­a­tion pro­gram for new stu­dents (Cam­pus Days)

  • Co­ordin­at­ing the WU@School pro­gram

  • Design­ing and provid­ing study-re­lated in­form­a­tion ma­ter­i­als

  • Co­ordin­at­ing the Ment­or­ing@WU pro­gram

  • Pla­gi­ar­ism

  • Ad­min­is­ter­ing web con­tent

  • Ad­mis­sions of Aus­trian and in­ter­na­tional stu­dents (en­roll­ment, re-re­gis­tra­tion, switch­ing or ad­ding pro­grams, ex­pir­a­tion of en­roll­ment)

  • Stu­dent IDs (first-­time is­su­ing, du­plic­ates in case of loss, theft, or card de­fect)

  • Chan­ging per­sonal data (name changes or change of ad­dress)

  • Tu­ition fees (fee cal­cu­la­tion and no­ti­fic­a­tion, ex­emp­tions, tu­ition fee reim­burse­ments)

  • Leave of ab­sence

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