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FAQs outgoing students summer semester 22

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Last update: September 01, 2022, 2:00pm

I need my exchange semester for the IBW international experience (IBW-Auslandserfahrung). What happens if my partner university cancels the exchange or if I decide not to go abroad? Can I still finish my IBW studies?

  • If you cannot take up your studies abroad due to COVID-19, you can complete the bachelor's program without proof of experience abroad. The same applies to you if you do not want to go abroad for personal reasons associated with COVID-​19. If you plan to make use of this special regulation, please inform your regional exchange coordinator about your plan.

  • You also have the option to withdraw from the exchange program and apply for a new spot during one of the upcoming application periods (for an exchange semester, a short program or an international summer university). For further information on application periods, please refer to our dates and deadlines for bachelor students.

  • Currently, the exception defined above is only available for those outgoing students who are nominated for an exchange program during the winter semester 2020/21, summer semester 2021, winter semester 2021/22 or summer semester 2022.

  • Please note → As of October 1, 2021: If you are enrolled in the curriculum BaWiSo 2019, only one mobility is required to fulfill the IBW international experience. For further information, please click here.