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FAQs incoming students summer semester 21

Please note that this page is being continuously updated as the situation develops. For the most up-​to-date information, please refresh the page regularly by pressing Ctrl+F5 (on Windows) or deleting your cache before refreshing (on Mac).

Last update: April 1, 2021, 3:01pm

Exchange students are welcome to study at WU Vienna! We will offer a virtual Welcome Day in February 2021 for all incoming exchange students. Please note that due to the current COVID-19 situation and as a precautious measure, all courses will be held in an online format until the end of March 2021 (Easter). For the time after Easter, you will receive another update whether teaching can be resumed on campus or not.

Which risks should I be aware of if I plan to spend my exchange semester?

With the global COVID-​19 pandemic, there are several points that you should consider when you plan your exchange in summer semester 2021.

The list below is not exhaustive but can give you assistance:

  • Keep in mind that travel restrictions can affect your plans. Further, it is possible that mandatory quarantines and/or airline route cancelations may be implemented.

  • If a travel warning is issued for Austria, a possible repatriation by the home country is not guaranteed and a travel health insurance policy may lose its validity.

  • Make yourself familiar with cancelation terms when booking flights and accommodation. Some policies may not cover cancelations due to COVID-​19. If possible, we advise to complete such bookings on a short notice and not in advance.

  •  Visa: if you need a visa for travelling to your host university, kindly note that currently many consulates do not handle visa applications and/or delays might occur in handling visa applications. Please monitor the travel/entry information published by your home and host country (typically the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

  • In case of a sudden increase in COVID19 cases be prepared that appropriate measures will be taken in your host country/at your host university (temporary lockdowns and reduction of social/cultural activities, transition of lectures to online/distance learning formats, and similar).

  • Discuss your exchange plans with your family and friends. If you feel unsafe, talk with the exchange coordinator at your home university to find alternative solutions.

I am planning to spend my exchange semester at WU. Where can I obtain pre-arrival information?

  • On February 9, 2021, we will send out our Pre-arrival Guide. Please make sure to read it carefully as it contains valuable information for your exchange semester at WU Vienna.

  • Additionally, you may also find information to read upon on our website.

Where can I find information on the visa application process?

  • You can find general information on the visa and residence permit application process on our website. For information and updates concerning the current situation with visa applications, please consult the website of Austria's Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. Note that residents from selected countries can enter and stay in Austria for a limited time without a visa.

What type of course formats does WU offer?

  • WU's courses will be offered in a range of different formats: on-site (following rigorous hygiene protocols), hybrid, or in rotation mode, just to name a few. There will also be a limited number of courses which will take place entirely online. If the COVID-situation requires it, on-site courses will switch to an online format!

  • Due to the current COVID-19 situation and as a precautious measure, all courses will be held in an online format until the end of March 2021 (Easter). For the time after Easter, you will receive an update.

Does WU offer the pre-semester German language course in summer semester?

  • Due to COVID-19, the pre-semester German language courses will be offered in an online format. For the summer semester 2021, the courses will take place between February 16 - February 26, 2021.

Does WU offer the pre-semester Orientation and Cultural Program in summer semester?

  • Due to COVID-19, we do not offer the Orientation and Cultural Program in February 2021.

I want to enter Austria for my exchange semester at WU Vienna. What are the existing entry regulations?

  • Status: February 3, 2021 - Until March 31, 2021, the current entry regulation requires a mandatory 10-day quarantine for travelers from most countries as well as a mandatory entry registration. Travelers must register electronically before entering Austria and present the confirmation of receipt on a mobile device or printed out.

  • It is possible to shorten the mandatory 10-day quarantine: On the 5th day of quarantine at the earliest, a PCR test or antigen test can be conducted. Please note that the day of entry marks day zero. For the purpose of getting tested, you may briefly interrupt your quarantine. If your result is negative, quarantine can be terminated early.

  • If entry regulations should change, we will inform you about updates on this FAQ webpage and in our News and Updates:COVID-19.

Due to my date of arrival, entry regulations and the mandatory quarantine, I cannot come to one of the offered enrollment timeslots on Campus WU? What should I do?

  • If you cannot attend one of the enrollment slots we proposed, there is no reason to worry. Please get in contact with your regional exchange coordinator at WU and let her or him know about your situation. We will get back to you and offer a different date for the enrollment.

  • During the enrollment and in all buildings of Campus WU, it is currently mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask. Please make sure to have such a mask at hand.

Where can I obtain information about the current COVID-19 situation? Where can I get a COVID-19 test free of cost?

  • To inform yourself about the exchange semester at WU Vienna, please consult our Pre-arrival Guide, which we will send out to you on February 9, 2021. For the latest updates, we highly advise to check this website on a regular basis.

  • For general information about the COVID-19 situation in Austria and Vienna, we recommend the webpages austria.info and metropole.at, as they frequently provide updates in English language.

  • The city of Vienna compiled a helpful FAQ section on their website, which also gives information on “how” and “where” to get tested free of cost. More information is available on their website and in our Pre-arrival Guide.

Is Covid-19 covered by medical insurance? Will I be able to receive medical treatment even though I’m a foreigner?

  • You can either purchase the Austrian National Health Insurance (ÖGK) or private health insurance for the duration of your stay in Austria. ÖGK covers medical treatments including COVID-​19. If you purchase a private health insurance, please get in touch with the insurance provider to make sure it also covers COVID-​19 related treatments.

What should I be aware of if I return home and attend online courses from home?

If you plan to return home early, please inform your WU exchange coordinator and your home university about your decision.

  • Deregistration: If you leave Austria and do not plan to return for the rest of the semester, you will have to deregister your residence with the Austrian authorities. Deregistration typically has to be done via postal mail by sending the filled out residence deregistration form (Meldezettel) as well as a copy of your passport to the Central Residence Registration Service in Vienna. Alternatively, you may also send an email. On the website of the registration office, you will find the email addresses of all registration offices. Please send them a scan of your passport as well as the filled out deregistration form (Meldezettel).
    If you need help filling out the deregistration form, please have a look at this file with English translation.

  • Housing: Check your contract to see whether an early termination is possible.
    OeAD Housing: If you are staying in an OeAD residence, you need to upload your residence deregistration document (see info above about Meldezettel deregistration) in order to get your deposit back.

  • Courses: We recommend that you also inform your course instructors about your decision to return home early. Please let them know that you plan to complete the course(s) in distance mode for the remainder of the semester.

  • Financial aid: Keep in mind that for some grants like the Erasmus+ grant, you can only receive financial support if you spend a certain amount of days in person in the host country. Your WU exchange coordinator will confirm the duration of your exchange with a document called “Confirmation of Study Period” or “Confirmation of Stay”. Please double check with your home university how Erasmus+ funding is administered in your home country and which steps are necessary.

Should I travel around Europe during my exchange semester?

  • As of February 8, 2021, Austria’s third “hard” lockdown will switch into a “light” lockdown but with stricter general rules. This means that FFP2 masks remain mandatory in indoor spaces and on public transport. Make sure to maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters to people who are not part of your household if possible. Also, note that a curfew will be in place between 8pm and 6am.

  • Please adhere to the guidelines of the Austrian government and avoid travelling if it is not absolutely necessary!  

I am a potential incoming exchange student and interested in the ISU WU program 2021. Where can I find more information?