Garagenaufgang zwischen dem AD und D4 Gebäude

Equal Opportunities Committee

Legal Bases

In its second meeting held on 10 December 2003 and in accordance with the Universities Act 2002 (§ 19 para. 2 lit. 6 Universities Act 2002), the WU’s Senate resolved upon the establishment of the WU’s Female Advancement Plan.

The Female Advancement Plan (FAP) is laid down in the WU’s Statutes and is set out in Annex 4.

The objective of the FAP is to foster equality between women and men at WU. Among others, the FAP lays down the EOC’s rights and obligations as well as measures and institutions (to be) in place for furthering the advancement of women.

The Senate resolves the FAP based on the proposal submitted by the EOC for a period of three years. The FAP is subject to annual evaluation and may be modified, where necessary, in line with pre-defined objectives. This evaluation and potential modifications occur on the proposal of the EOC.

The Vienna University of Economics and Business‘ Female Advancement Plan (WU Statutes)

The Federal Equal Treatment Act

(BGBl 100/1993 as ammended)

Federal Act on the Organisation of the Universities and their Studies (Universities Act 2002)

(BGBl I 120/2002 as ammended)

Legal Information System of the Republic of Austria (RIS)