Garagenaufgang zwischen dem AD und D4 Gebäude

Equal Opportunities Committee

Information for personnel-seeking units

(institutes, departments, service units)

Advertisement of vacancies

When is the Equal Opportunities Committee (EOC) to be included in this process?

Job advertisements concerning vacancies for academic as well as general university staff are to include the respective personnel-seeking unit’s functional and operational description, and are to be promptly and duly reported to the EOC prior to publication in the university <link https: structure about publications bulletin>bulletin (§ 25 para. 5 FAP WU).

Job advertisements are subject to the EOC’s right of objection. That is, job advertisements which are phrased in such general terms that they do not constitute an objective foundation for making decisions in the subsequent selection process are unlawful.

The same applies to over-specified job advertisements allowing for reasonable grounds to suspect that the potential pool of applications is non-objectively restricted to the benefit of a particular person or a particular gender.

Job advertisements for vacancies and managerial positions are to contain the following clause:

"WU is an Equal Opportunity Employer and seeks to increase the number of its female faculty and staff members, especially in management positions. Therefore qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply. In case of equal qualification, female candidates will be given preference (see WU Wien Statutes, Annex 4, § 24 Female Advancement Plan).”

Repetition of the job advertising process

The recruiting university unit or the body tasked with proposing staffing suggestions are required to demonstrably and actively seek suitable applicants.

Should no qualified female applicants have handed in an application until the expiration of the closing date, the position is to be re-advertised prior to a selection process. Should the EOC in its statement not have reasoned objection, the repetition of the advertising process may be dropped.

Should there be no applications by females in the course of the repetition of the job advertising process, the selection process is to be carried out.

Selection process

The EOC is to be involved in the selection process.

List of applicants

Upon expiry of the application period, the HR department is to promptly provide the EOC with the list of applicants.

Job interviews

Should the selection process for vacant positions or functions lead to hiring or selection interviews with applicants, the EOC is to be promptly and duly informed about the list of invited applicants.

All applicants complying with the legal requirements as well as with the requirements laid down in the respective job advertisement are to be invited to a job interview.

Upon request, the EOC may sit in on interview sessions, including job interviews, hearings, and assessment centers.

Prior to concluding the employment decision, staffing decisions are to be brought to the attention of the EOC in writing, including the reasons for the decision made. This is done through the submission of the so-called “Ausschreibungsbericht” (report on the application process) to the EOC’s office.

Conclusion of the employment contract

The Rector’s Council is required to inform the respective works council as well as the EOC on the prospective applicant with whom the employment contract is to be concluded. Employment contracts concluded without prior notice of the EOC are null and void.

Should the EOC have reason to believe that a university governing body’s decision reflects discrimination against (individual) applicants, it may invoke the arbitration commission within three weeks of the decision.

The arbitration commission, by order, rules as to whether the intended decision constitutes discrimination. Should this be the case, the university governing body is obliged to make a new personnel decision having regard to the legal opinion of the commission. The selection process is suspended until the ruling of the arbitration commission