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Registration period starts for all WU bachelor’s programs

March 1 marks the beginning of the online registration period for WU’s Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo), the English-taught Bachelor’s Program in Business and Economics (BBE), and, for the first time, also the Bachelor’s Program in Business Law (WiRe). The registration period is identical for the three programs, but the entrance exams are scheduled for different dates. The exams for the WiSo and BBE programs are scheduled for July 9, and the business law exam for July 10.

Compared to previous years, there will be some changes in the admission procedures for WU’s bachelor’s programs for the 2019/20 academic year. Legal changes have made it possible to carry out selection procedures for law programs, as well. WU will make use of this new option and carry out a selection procedure for its Bachelor’s Program in Business Law, which combines a full-fledged law education with solid business administration skills. This year, WU also launches an online self-assessment (OSA) test. The OSA is the first step prospective students have to complete in the multi-stage selection procedure. The numbers of available places for first-year students have also changed: In the 2019/20 academic year, 2,703 places will be available in the Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences, 240 in the English-taught BBE program, and 870 in the Bachelor’s Program in Business Law.

Structure of the selection procedure

All prospective students interested in the WiSo, BBE, and WiRe programs are required to register online during the period from March 1 to May 15 and pay a registration fee of € 50. This also applies to secondary school students in their final year (no school leaving certificate is required for the online registration). On May 17, applicants will be notified of whether a specific selection procedure will be carried out for the program of their choice. If no selection procedure is necessary, applicants can be admitted directly without any further proceedings. If the number of applications received for a program exceeds the number of available places, applicants will have to complete the OSA test by May 31. The OSA will already be available online as of March 1. It is intended to give prospective students a realistic impression of the contents of the program they are interested in and of how the program is organized.

The OSA includes questions about the applicants’ motivation, expectations, and interests, and also offers exercises that test essential skills required for the program (e.g. reading comprehension in German and English). After completing the OSA, applicants receive online feedback. The OSA is not graded and the results do not have any further bearing on the selection procedure. In addition to completing the OSA test, applicants interested in the English-taught BBE program also have to upload proof of proficiency in English and a letter of motivation in English.

Entrance exam

If the number of applicants who complete the OSA by May 31 (and, for the BBE program, submit proof of English skills and a letter of motivation) exceeds the number of places available, an entrance exam will be held for the program or programs in question. The WiSo and BBE exams are scheduled for July 9, and the business law exam for July 10. The exact times will be announced in due course. The WiSo and BBE exams will take place at different times. Information on the exam topics and materials will be published on the WU website in March.

Admission procedures are only held once a year

All prospective students interested in starting one of the German-taught programs EITHER in the 2019/20 winter semester OR the 2020 summer semester have to register in the period from March 1 to May 15, 2019. This also applies to prospective students who still have to complete their compulsory military service or alternative civilian service and intend to start their bachelor’s program in the 2020 summer semester. For applicants interested in the BBE program, it will ONLY be possible to start the program in the 2019/20 winter semester. Late applications cannot be accepted for any of the programs, and it will not be possible to take the exam at a later date.

Everyone admitted to a WU bachelor’s program will receive a Welcome Package with study materials and vouchers worth the cash equivalent of the registration fee.

Bachelor’s admission procedure timeline:

March 1 – May 15: Online registration (WiSo/BBE/WiRe) + € 50 registration fee May 17: Applicants are notified of whether stage 1 of the selection procedure will be carried out for the program of their choice

If stage 1 is carried out:

By May 31: Completion of the online self-assessment test (WiSo/BBE/WiRe) and submission of letter of motivation and proof of English skills (BBE only)
By June 18: Students are notified of whether stage 2 (entrance exam) will be carried out

If stage 2 is carried out:

July 9: Entrance exams (WiSo/BBE)
July 10: Entrance exam (WiRe)

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