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QS Business Masters Rankings: Two WU master’s programs in the top 20 again

The an­nual World Uni­versity Rank­ings is­sued by Quacquarelli Sy­monds (QS) are among the be­st-­known higher edu­ca­tion rank­ings world­wide, along­side the THE rank­ings. In ad­di­tion to uni­versity rank­ings, QS also pub­lishes pro­gram-spe­cific rank­ings as part of the QS Busi­ness Mas­ters Rank­ings. Two Eng­lish-taught WU pro­grams achieved ex­cel­lent pos­i­tions again in the 2018 rank­ings: In the Mas­ters in Fin­ance rank­ing, WU’s Mas­ter’s Pro­gram in Quant­it­at­ive Fin­ance came in 20th out of a total of 159 pro­grams ranked, and WU’s Mas­ter’s Pro­gram in Strategy, In­nov­a­tion, and Man­age­ment Con­trol came in 18th out of 135 pro­grams ranked in the Mas­ters in Man­age­ment Rank­ing.

The QS rank­ings are primar­ily based on data from sur­veys of aca­dem­ics and em­ploy­ers. The QS Busi­ness Mas­ters Rank­ings are com­piled on the basis of five key met­rics. “We are ex­tremely pleased with these res­ults. They con­firm WU’s ex­cel­lent world­wide repu­ta­tion, both in re­search and in the busi­ness world, and they show that our mas­ter’s gradu­ates are highly com­pet­it­ive in­ter­na­tion­ally,” says WU Rector Edel­traud Hanap­pi-Eg­ger.

Suc­cess­ful alumni

The two WU pro­grams re­ceived ex­cel­lent scores in two of the five cat­egor­ies: “Em­ploy­ab­il­ity,” which is based on a sur­vey of 42,000 em­ploy­ers world­wide and gradu­ates’ em­ploy­ment rates, and “Thought Lead­er­ship,” which mainly in­cludes re­search out­put and repu­ta­tion in­dic­at­ors. The two WU pro­grams also achieved above-aver­age res­ults in the cat­egory “Di­versity,” which takes into ac­count the per­cent­ages of fe­male and in­ter­na­tional stu­dents and fac­ulty mem­bers, and in the “Alumni Out­comes” cat­egory, which meas­ures the suc­cess of pro­gram alumni.

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