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WU Awards 2022: Turning the spotlight on excellence
At the "WU Awards 2022" ceremony, more than 317 award winners from the WU community were honored for their excellent achievements.
WU honors Schläffer as WU Manager of the Year 2022
WU alumnus Christopher Schläffer was honored for his visionary management achievements and his untiring social commitment.
Exploring digital business models with a focus on AI
The development of digital platforms, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality will change the business world in a fundamental way.
At WU, We Live and Breathe Internationality
Open-mindedness has many facets: Exchange programs, scholarships, advisory boards to set new impulses for WU’s international orientation.
WU's interactive gender equality report awarded
In the jury's view, WU's digital gender equality report is "a big success" in diversity management.
European Business School Ranking 2022: WU ranked 43rd
In the most recent Financial Times European Business School Ranking, WU was placed 43rd out of 95 leading European business schools.
FT Ranking: Global Executive MBA achieves top ranking
The Global Executive MBA of the WU Executive Academy is ranked 39th in the current Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking.
Universities warn: it's all or nothing
The explosion in costs for energy, rents and staff is tearing a huge hole in the universities' budgets.
Wise Women of WU starts again
The field of business management in Austria is still predominantly male-dominated. Wise Women of WU wants to change this.
Over 100,000 euros for WU research project on migration
The City of Vienna is funding a research project at WU on the communication of migration knowledge through a new science call
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