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The Cost of Destroying the Death Star

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien , Library & Learning Center Festsaal 1 08.01.2019, 18:00 WU matters. WU talks.

Type Vortrag/Diskussion
Organizer Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien Marketing & Kommunikation

A public lecture organized by the Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics

Do the laws of mathematics apply a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? And do they reveal Emperor Palpatine's secret plan to guarantee that the Rebel Alliance could never dethrone him? We will discuss the financial repercussions of the destruction of two fully armed, operational, moon-sized battle stations ("Death Stars") within a 4-year period and the dissolution of the galactic government in Star Wars. We will consider the costs of building two Death Stars, the value of the Gross Galactic Product, the scale of the galactic financial sector, and the financial crisis generated by the destruction of the second Death Star. We conclude with the bailout the fledgling New Republic would need to provide in order to prevent a galactic great depression.



Zachary Feinstein, Ph.D., Professor, Washington University in St. Louis


Univ.Prof. Dr. Birgit Rudloff, Institute for Statistics and Mathematics, WU

Dr. Martin Summer, Head of the Economic Studies Division, OeNB

Moderated by:

Univ.Prof. Dr. Stefan Pichler, Vice rectorfor research, WU


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