Marketing Research Seminar Series

Location: WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) , Administration AD.0.114 Sitzungssaal 1 on 06 October 2022 Starting at 13:00 Ending at 15:00
Type Lecture / discussion
Organizer Department für Marketing

Talk by Michael Haenlein, ESCP Business School (FR)

The „Research Seminar Series“ held by the WU's Marketing Department helps to connect our Faculty with international scholars from the Marketing field. They are invited to present their latest research and discuss the current trends and developments in all major areas of marketing. The seminar is open to all WU faculties and students.

Talk by Michael Haenlein, ESCP Business School (FR)

Title: “The Merchants of Meta: Conceptualizing and Defining Retailing in the Metaverse”

Abstract: In recent years, interest in the metaverse has been growing dramatically, and metaverse-related companies raised more than $10 billion in 2021, more than double the amount raised in 2020. Still, despite this managerial interest, our understanding of this space remains limited. While first research on the topic appeared over a decade ago (e.g., Kaplan and Haenlein, 2009; Haenlein and Kaplan, 2009), it is unclear whether the metaverse is only old wine in new bottles or a fundamentally new concept that will transform marketing strategy. In this talk, I aim to address some of these questions. I will explain what the metaverse is (and what it is not), how it relates to the video game ecosystem and how companies can use it for retailing and general marketing strategy.

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