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Marketing Research Seminar Series

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Teaching Center TC.5.1613:00 - 15:00

Type Lecture / discussion
SpeakerAndrew Stephen, University of Oxford
Organizer Department Marketing

Talk by Andrew Stephen, Uni­versity of Ox­ford (GB), "In­ten­ded and Un­in­ten­ded Con­sequences of Con­sumer Use of So­cial Me­dia"

 The „Re­search Sem­inar Ser­ies“ held by the WU’s Mar­ket­ing De­part­ment helps to con­nect our Fac­ulty with in­ter­na­tional schol­ars from the Mar­ket­ing field. They are in­vited to present their latest re­search and dis­cuss the cur­rent trends and devel­op­ments in all ma­jor areas of mar­ket­ing. The sem­inar is open to all WU fac­ulties and stu­dents.

Ab­stract: So­cial me­dia use con­tin­ues to rise around the world and plat­forms such as Face­book, In­s­tagram, and Twit­ter are more pop­ular than ever be­fore. Given that bil­lions of people around the world reg­u­larly use so­cial me­dia, in its vari­ous forms on a mul­ti­tude of plat­forms, it is worth con­sid­er­ing how people con­sume this form of com­mu­nic­a­tion and, crit­ic­ally, what it does to them. In this talk, vari­ous con­sequences of con­sumer so­cial me­dia use will be con­sidered, draw­ing on a ser­ies of re­search pro­jects con­duc­ted over the last few years as well as on­go­ing work. Some of these con­sequences are in­ten­ded and desired by mar­keters, and some are un­in­ten­ded and might lead to ad­verse out­comes for both mar­keters and con­sumers alike. Con­sequences of con­sumer so­cial me­dia use covered in this talk in­clude: (1) How so­cial me­dia af­fects con­sumer psy­cho­logy, spe­cific­ally self esteem and self con­trol; (2) The im­pact of so­cial me­dia use on on­line shop­ping be­ha­vi­ors and the con­sumer “shop­ping mind­set”; (3) The im­pact of so­cial shar­ing of products on off­line con­sump­tion; and (4) The links between so­cial me­dia use and psy­cho­lo­gical, physiolo­gical, and eco­nomic di­men­sions of con­sumer well be­ing. Im­plic­a­tions for mar­ket­ing prac­tice and pub­lic policy will be dis­cussed.

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