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WU Shop

Visit the WU Shop and take a piece of WU home with you!

The WU Shop has a wide selection of t-shirts, hoodies, bags, keychains, umbrellas, stationery and writing utensils, honey from WU’s own bees, and much more …

WU shop closed

Due to current legal restrictions the WU shop is closed from November 17 until December 6, 2020.

The WU Shop stocks a diverse line-up of attractive products in the following categories:

  • Clothing items (e.g. t-shirts from € 22, hoodies from € 39)

  • Bags and umbrellas (e.g. tote bags and gym bags from € 4, courier bags from € 15, umbrellas from € 15)

  • Accessories (e.g. lanyards for € 2)

  • Food & dishes (e.g. insulated coffee mugs for € 16, WU honey from € 2.50)

  • Office supplies & stationery (e.g. ball-point pens and highlighters from € 0.50, notepads and notebooks from € 5)

  • Souvenirs (e.g. postcards for € 0.50, stuffed animals from € 14, campus-related articles from € 10)

  • Gift certificates


(all prices incl. VAT)

We will be posting detailed information about all the items in our product range on this page soon.


Please note that the WU Shop does not ship any of its products.