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Departments und Administration

Campus WU Departmentgebäude 3

The D3 build­ing forms the bor­der to Prater Park and re­sembles an or­ganic unit, ex­tend­ing around several court­yards. The build­ing in­cludes nu­mer­ous pas­sages, niches, ter­races, at­ri­ums, and open spaces with benches that of­fer at­tract­ive views of the park. The AD build­ing, on the other hand, ex­tends along the center­line of the cam­pus. At ground level, the two build­ings have closed façades with re­duced win­dow sur­faces, ex­cept for the lib­rary read­ing areas, the lounge in the sem­inar room area, and the bakery, which have fully glazed façades. The up­per levels are char­ac­ter­ized by the colored bands of the striped façade, ranging from dark or­ange to light beige, sep­ar­ated by win­dows. Un­treated sil­ver fir planks are moun­ted ho­ri­zont­ally and ver­tic­ally on the façades of both build­ings, giv­ing them a lively struc­ture. They also provide sun pro­tec­tion and are a visual refer­ence to the trees of the neigh­bor­ing Prater Park.

The two parts of the com­plex have very dif­fer­ent func­tions: Build­ing D3 houses three De­part­ments, four Re­search In­sti­tutes, the Lib­rary for Law, and sem­inar and pro­ject rooms. Build­ing AD is the seat of WU's ad­min­is­tra­tion. The bakery located on the ground floor of the AD build­ing of­fers high-qual­ity baked goods.

The De­part­ment wing of build­ing D3 can be ac­cessed via a stair­way located next to the lib­rary garden. The other en­trance of build­ing D3 leads to the lib­rary, which in­cludes im­press­ive pro­ject rooms remin­is­cent of col­or­ful float­ing nests, and to the sem­inar room area. The build­ing is as col­or­ful on the in­side as it is on the out­side: The yel­low of the win­dow frames is re­flec­ted in bright wall-­moun­ted ac­cents, har­mon­iz­ing with the build­ing's hard­wood floors. Of­fices and other highly fre­quen­ted rooms are located along the outer walls of the build­ing, while tech­nical and util­it­ies rooms are found in its in­ner core. The AD build­ing also in­cludes several con­fer­ence rooms.

De­part­mentsRe­search In­sti­tutes
Busi­ness, Em­ploy­ment and So­cial Se­cur­ity LawCEE Legal Stud­ies
Fin­ance, Ac­count­ing and Stat­ist­ics (Ac­count­ing)European Af­fairs
Pub­lic Law and Tax LawIn­ter­na­tional Tax­a­tion
Urban Man­age­ment and Gov­ernance

Key Facts

  • Ar­chi­tects: CRAB­stu­dio, Lon­don

  • Total floor space: ap­prox. 20,000 m2

  • Two-­part com­plex

  • Yel­low-or­ange-red façade faced with wooden planks