MORE Program

MORE Program offers support for refugees in Austria who want to prepare for studying at WU. The programme comprises German courses, social activities, consultation for questions about application and studying at WU and information about studying in general.

Who can participate?

MORE Program is designed for people in the asylum process or people holding asylum in Austria who want to prepare for studying at WU.

Eligible to MORE Program are:
  • Asylum seekers with a residence entitlement card pursuant to § 51 of the Asylum Act (Asylgesetz, AsylG)

  • People with asylum status

  • People with subsidiary protection status pursuant to § 52 of the Asylum Act

  • People with tolerated residence status pursuant to § 46a of the Immigration Act (Fremdenpolizeigesetz, FPG)

  • Completion of secondary education (similar to Matura in Austria)

  • German skills (minimum A2, to be verified in an exam at WU)

Prospective students who were enrolled in or have completed a degree program in business administration, economic sciences or information systems in their home country or can proof special interest in studying careers offered at WU are given preference.

What does MORE Program offer?

The program supports refugees how want to prepare for a degree programme at WU. It provides orientation, consultation and qualification.


The program is designed for one semester and begins each year in October and March. If needed and if having fulfilled the attendance requirements, participants can remain in the programme for more than one semester.

Orientation and consultation
  • Individual consultation for questions regarding study possibilities and the application process at WU

  • Opportunity to use the services for students at WU (Language Resource Center, library, sports courses)

  • Contact to other WU students

  • German courses (B1, B2 and C1)

  • Computer courses

  • Possibility to attend lectures and take examinations even before the official enrollment in a degree programme

Further information and consultation

For questions regarding the MORE Program and consultation, please contact Anna Paal: