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WU-Wien reached the second place at the"International and European Tax Moot Court" 2019

Our institute’s team delivered a brilliant performance at the International and European Tax Moot Court, which took place between March 18th and 22nd 2019 at KU Leuven (Belgium). Not only has our team reached the second rank in the final against University of Virginia, but it was also awarded prizes for best defendant pleading, best defendant memo, best defendant speaker (Ms Hanna Poss) and best pleading-team overall. So our institute’s team was the best European team in the whole competition!

Our team pleaded against the teams of IBDT Brazil, Carlos III Madrid (Spain), University of Düsseldorf (Germany) and University of Heidelberg (Germany) in the preliminary round and semifinal. All in all, 16 teams from Europe, the US and South America participated in the Moot Court.

Our congratulations to the team (René Dzoja, Sabrina Polanyi, Hanna Poss, Franziska Luisa Uedl) and to coach Annika Streicher!

Coach Annika Streicher, Sabrina Polanyi, Hanna Poss, Franziska Luisa Uedl, René Dzoja