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April 29, 2024 Colloquium - Seminar on Current Developments in European and International Tax Law

We look forward to cordially inviting you to the Colloquium series 2023/24.

Please see the dates as follows:

October 9, 2023, 4:30pm - 7:30pm Speakers:
  • Itai Grinberg, Georgetown University:
    "The Political Economy of Pillar 2:  Looking Ahead to November 2024"
  • Ian Dykes, PwC UK:
    "Certain Special Functions - Can organisational Competencies attract Residual Profit?"
November 13, 2023, 4:30pm-7:30pmSpeakers:
  • Eivind Furuseth, BI Norwegian Business School
    “OECD BEPS Pillar II and EU State Aid – what are the limitations for the use of tax incentives?”
  • Aurelio Massimiano, Maisto e Associati
    “Toward the first Transfer Pricing EU Directive: a first analysis of the proposal”
January 15, 2024, 4:30pm-7:30pm   
  • Christine Osterloh-Konrad, University of Tübingen
    “Abuse of Law in EU Tax Law”
  • Thomas Töben, YPOG
    “Domestic Partnerships with Foreign Partners: Allocation of Shares to the Business Assets of the Partnership”
March 18, 2024, 4:30pm-7:30pmSpeakers:
  • Irma Mosquera Valderrama, University of Leiden
    "The OECD, BEPS IF and UN Throughput Legitimacy Deficits: Understanding the Process to Enhance Legitimacy in International Tax Law Making"
  • Paolo Ludovici, Gatti Pavesi Bianchi Ludovici
    "Non Discrimination Issues vis-à-vis EU and Non EU States: Practical Cases"
April 29, 2024,
  • Daniel Shaviro, NYU Law School USA
    "Two-Level Games in International Tax Policy"
  • Alessandro Bucchieri, Enel Group
    "The Energy Sector Windfall Taxes in the EU Context – Italy vs. Spain"
June 10, 2024,
  • Peter Hongler, University of St. Gallen
  • Arne Schnitger, PwC

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