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January 24, 2024 Workshop "Strategies for Effective Prevention and Resolution of Cross-Border VAT Disputes"

WU Global Tax Policy Center (WU GTPC) at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) is pleased to invite you to the workshop "Strategies for Effective Prevention and Resolution of Cross-Border VAT Disputes" organized by the Vienna Multi-Stakeholder Group on Improving Cross-border Dispute Resolution, which will take place in Vienna on the afternoon of the 24 January, 2024 from 14.30 - 16.45 at WU Campus, LC building, Club room.

The project on Cross-Border VAT Disputes aims to identify the root causes of cross-border VAT/GST disputes and develop a palette of tools and mechanisms for their prevention and resolution, which can be used by tax policy makers and dispute resolution experts.

The next meeting of the ViennaMulti-Stakeholder Group on Improving Cross-border Dispute Resolutionaims to delve into the issue of VAT disputes in international trade, discussing current trends in the global and EU contexts. Presentations will cover existing mechanisms for preventing cross-border VAT disputes and explore innovative solutions, such as Multilateral Cooperative Compliance. The workshop will also examine ways to improve existing dispute resolution mechanisms, including litigation and alternative dispute resolution, and evaluate opportunities for adapting new solutions. The discussion will facilitate an informal exchange of participants' country experiences and best practices.