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HYBRID Symposium on Digital Taxation “Tax Law and Digitalization: How to combine legal tech and tax tech?” - September 13, 2021

While digitization has been advancing for a long time and has revolutionized many business sectors, the tax industry is just starting to experience the beginning of a digital transformation. TaxTech companies as being global tax advisory firms not only want to change the tax advisory industry at the edges and support the conventional work of tax folks anymore, but also want to fundamentally change and revolutionize the TaxTech industry. While digital transformation has already separated the leading companies from all others in other business areas, such separation could be also expected for the tax advisory industry soon. TaxTech service offerings will prevail in competition. In addition, the tax authorities are fascinated about the newly developed options to secure full transparency of tax processes. The after BEPS 1.0 initiatives were conducted into domestic tax law. Further controls and tax risk management will become true.

Digitization is not just about software. It is also about work-flow assessment, process analysis, information flows, training, collaboration, and a paradigm-shift in management. The digitization of the TaxTech industry will lead to a better integration of tax services into taxpayer’s processes. That digital transformation in the tax industry has progressed comparatively slowly so far since digitalized tax services are heavily regulated, and the tax industry has managed well without the demand for digital contributions. Furthermore, the tax sector is very precedent-based. But today’s world demands more innovation than precedent. Therefore, the tax advisory industry needs to be more progressive and revitalized through digital transformation.

The upcoming Symposium on Digital Taxation will therefore address the question of how to combine legal tech and tax tech.

The symposium will be held as a hybrid event, so you will have the opportunity to attend on-site at WU Vienna or online.

Please find the invitation including the detailed programme and the application form below.

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