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Learn@WU is WU’s cent­ral eLearn­ing plat­form that will ac­com­pany you throughout your stud­ies, from your first courses in the in­tro­duct­ory and ori­ent­a­tion phase until the day you up­load your thesis. Learn@WU provides over 30 eLearn­ing tools and more than 200,000 mul­ti­me­dia con­tent items.

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Study & Prac­tice

  • Keep track of the con­tent presen­ted in your courses and pre­pare for your exams with a var­ied mix of learn­ing ma­ter­i­als

  • Dif­fer­ent types of prac­tice ques­tions and ex­er­cises (mul­tiple-choice ques­tions, fill in the blanks, free-answer ques­tions, videos, etc.)

  • Learn­ing mod­ules for step-by-step learn­ing

  • Pro­gress stat­ist­ics

Or­gan­ize Your Stud­ies

  • Your per­sonal cal­en­dar with your in­di­vidual course sched­ule

  • Your per­sonal to-do list with your dead­lines, tasks, and course assign­ments

  • Your own per­sonal space for files and doc­u­ments

  • Sub­mit class­work and view your grades on­line

Com­mu­nic­ate & In­ter­act

  • For­ums und chats

  • Live polls and classroom vot­ing

  • News alerts for your courses