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Learn@WU is WU’s central eLearning platform that will accompany you throughout your studies, from your first courses in the introductory and orientation phase until the day you upload your thesis. Learn@WU provides over 30 eLearning tools and more than 200,000 multimedia content items.

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Study & Practice

  • Keep track of the content presented in your courses and prepare for your exams with a varied mix of learning materials

  • Different types of practice questions and exercises (multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, free-answer questions, videos, etc.)

  • Learning modules for step-by-step learning

  • Progress statistics

Organize Your Studies

  • Your personal calendar with your individual course schedule

  • Your personal to-do list with your deadlines, tasks, and course assignments

  • Your own personal space for files and documents

  • Submit classwork and view your grades online

Communicate & Interact

  • Forums und chats

  • Live polls and classroom voting

  • News alerts for your courses