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International elective

The International Elective was established to provide students with more flexible transfer opportunities for ECTS credits earned abroad. In addition, the International Elective gives students the opportunity to take courses with an international focus at WU in the sense of "Internationalization at Home".

Please note that the International Elective does not replace the mandatory mobility for the IBW experience abroad. Information on the IBW experience abroad can be found here.

In the amended curriculum (from October 1, 2021), the courses International Elective I and International Elective II replace the previous International Courses I and II. International Courses already completed will be listed as International Electives in the future.

Courses abroad:

Prerequisites for the recognition of ECTS credits earned abroad as part of the International Elective are:

  • At least 4 ECTS credits (if a course has less than 4 ECTS credits, a maximum of two courses can be combined for credit transfer as an International Elective)

  • Business-related content

  • Advanced Bachelor level (no introductory courses)

  • Completed during studies outside Austria and outside the student's home country at a recognized post-secondary education institution abroad

Courses at WU:

International Electives can also be completed at WU. These courses are to a great extent taken by incoming exchange students. WU Students thus have the opportunity to gain international learning experience directly at WU. International Electives that can be taken at WU are published in the course catalog and are marked accordingly. Please note that dual use of these courses is not permitted.