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International Summer Universities (ISUs)

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Important Dates for WU students

Application period (for WU students): March 2, 2 p.m. - March 11, 2021, 12 noon via the Online Student Services (OSS)

Admission decision (for WU students): All applicants who complete the online application process on time will be informed about the outcome of their application via email after the Easter holidays, but not later than April 16, 2021. The official acceptance email will include further instructions on the program and course allocations. Allocation of program and courses: During the online application process, students are asked to rank the available program offers and courses according to their preferences. Please note that there is no guarantee getting a spot that corresponds to the first preference. We try our best though to accommodate students' preferences, but due to the limited number of spots this is not always possible.

ISU stands for …

I – for individual study formats and contents

S – for study progress

U – for unique intercultural experiences

IBW International Experience for BaWiSo 2019: Changes have been confirmed by the WU Senate for the 2019 curriculum, opening up more opportunities to internationalize your studies. Only one mobility (exchange semester, summer program, internship abroad) will be required to complete the IBW International Experience. Further details are published at https://www.wu.ac.at/studierende/international-studieren/auslandssemester-bachelor/ibw-auslandserfahrung