Ein Mann hält ein Papierflugzeug aus einer Weltkarte in die Höhe

THEMIS seminar 2021 (Digital host: Maastricht University)

The THEMIS program is open to WU students in the Master's program in Business Law and offers the opportunity to acquire valuable and international know-how. Participants complete an exchange semester, an internship and a seminar in the course of the program and receive a Joint Certificate in International and Business Law on completion.

In a joint conversation, faculty and students told us how they experienced the THEMIS program and emphasized what makes the program unique. This year's THEMIS seminar started under the title "Towards cultural standardization? The interplay between (inter)national and European economic law and culture".

WU students Alexandra Enzinger (1) and Alexander Knobl (2) during their participation in this year's digital THEMIS seminar.

International Office: Why did you decide to participate and how can you benefit from participation in the THEMIS program?

Alexander Knobl: I decided to participate for several reasons. On one hand, I really wanted to study at ESADE in Barcelona, which is possible within the THEMIS program. On the other hand, I liked the prospect of meeting many new people and cultures within the program.

Personally, I definitely have benefited by making new, international friends. After all, you get to know students from different THEMIS universities, e.g. from France or Italy. Professionally, I will also be able to benefit from this program in the future. Especially, WU students who decide to pursue a career in (international) business law will gain a significant advantage over others through international experience.

WU students Florian Vidreis (left) and Alexander Koschell (right) during their semester abroad at the University of St.Gallen.

International Office: How does the THEMIS program differ from a regular semester abroad?

Alexander Koschell and Florian Vidreis: The THEMIS program offers participants a selection of special international and business law courses. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the THEMIS network right at the beginning of your semester abroad. Thereupon, one completes numerous courses together and can look forward to a great reunion at the THEMIS seminar, which is an opportunity to further develop and strengthen personal as well as professional contacts. Due to the large number of different universities that are part of the THEMIS program, the excellent internationality is to be emphasized.

Compared to a regular semester abroad, the start at the host university is made much easier and you gain a global circle of friends that you can fall back on in your future academic and professional career.

International Office: How did you like the online THEMIS seminar 2021? What was special about it?

Alexander Koschell and Florian Vidreis: The THEMIS seminar, which was held online for the first time due to the ongoing pandemic, was well organized and managed to create a successful environment for the academic and social purposes of this event. The discussed seminar topic could be explored in an interdisciplinary way and was extremely insightful. The different didactic approaches of the outstanding lecturers are to be mentioned in particular. The interaction and getting to know each other between the seminar participants was promoted by holding an entertaining debate

Statements by WU lecturers

"The THEMIS-program is a wonderful demonstration of what university education is all about – cultural and legal diversity, internationality, language. Students should definitely take advantage of the opportunity and dare to join the THEMIS-program."

- Dr. Philipp Fidler (Information and Communication Technology & Intellectual Property Law)

"The inspiring discussions at this year's THEMIS seminar are a successful demonstration that cultural diversity and intercultural exchange can also be advanced with the help of digital technologies."
- Dr. Matthias Zußner (Austrian and European Public Law)

Want to discover more about the THEMIS program?

THEMIS Program

  • Awarded with a Joint Certificate in International and Business Law upon completion

  • Application: Open to WU Master students in Business Law in winter semester

  • Central feature: Combination of semester abroad, internship and seminar

  • Exchange level: Master