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ISP Bangkok 2022

Luisa Lackner participated in the ISP Bangkok 2022. During her stay in Thailand, she focused on topics related to International Business and Sustainable Development. Aside the academic short program, there was a lot to explore and to discover. In an interview, she tells us about her experience.

ISP Bangkok 2022

How did you learn about the Bangkok Summer School and why did you choose to participate?

  • I learned about the Bangkok Summer School via WU's website. In my opinion Summer Schools are a great opportunity to gain academical knowledge, international experience and meet amazing people without having to afford and plan a whole semester abroad. I had already applied and been accepted for the 2021 Summer School in Porto which was then cancelled due to Covid. When I saw that there was an option to go to Bangkok the following year, I was thrilled because I had never been to Asia before and was looking forward to a great new adventure while learning about topics that I am interested in.

How did participating in the Bangkok Summer School help you in terms of your personal and academic development?

  • Participating in the Bangkok Summer School has helped me to develop personally, professionally, and academically. Personally, I grew by going to a new country, even a new continent, where I do not speak the local language and feel unfamiliar with the culture. Fortunately, it turned into an amazing experience and broadened my horizon. Professionally and academically, I was able to develop through the courses on Sustainability and International Business. I also appreciated the company visits and connections I was able to make.

What can you tell us about the academic program and the lecturers? What was your impression?

  • The academic program was on Sustainability and International Business – both topics I am highly interested in. We had several different lecturers both from WU and CMMU which all focused on different subtopics and applied different teaching methods. The courses were interactive, interesting, and I gained new insights.

"In my opinion, Bangkok Summer School is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons without having to commit to an entire semester abroad. It is the perfect combination of academic and professional development in a three-week setting. The program combines fun, networking, and getting out of your comfort zone."

What was your personal highlight and your favorite memory about this program?

  • I had several highlights during this program and almost all of them involve getting to know a new country and culture. In general, I really loved spending time with my fellow students and my roommate and having all those experiences together. One of my favorite memories was on our free “weekend” days, when seven other students and I decided to go to an island. When we arrived at the beach, it was raining. Since we had bathing suits on anyway, we spontaneously decided to play volleyball and go swimming in the rain. It was fun and special because we improvised together and made the best of the situation.

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