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...in Santiago, Chile

Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Santiago de Chile, Chile

WU student Sophie Röbl spent her exchange at the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Santiago de Chile. She tells us what she experienced on site at the partner university and during her travels in Chile.

You spent your exchange semester in Chile. Can you share a few impressions with us?

  • I spent my semester abroad at the University Adolfo Ibañez in Santiago, the capital of Chile. My university, unlike WU, was a private university and very manageable with about 5,000 students. The building is completely new and offers everything you could wish for: different dining halls, free gym including a wide selection of sports courses and also some other courses such as photography, music, etc. The wide range of leisure activities makes it much easier to get to know Chilean students. In addition, every week there were different events organized by the university or even by the students themselves (from concerts and sporting events to food trucks and rap battles). Another bonus was the view. Since the campus was built into the Andes mountain range, you could look out over all of Santiago (when the city wasn't engulfed in smog).

What did you think of the academic program at the partner university?

  • The academic program in Chile had a more school-like feel to it. Classes were held in Spanish throughout and consisted of weekly review, group work, and many hands-on projects. The workload was thus spread out over the entire semester. The group work with local students can be quite nerve-wracking due to the Chilean "laid-back attitude", but the course content is easy to learn. The professors call most students by their first name, which makes the courses much more familiar than at WU.

How did you live in Chile?

  • In Chile, I lived in a shared apartment with a Chilean woman of about the same age, and that was the best decision I could have made. Through her, I was not only forced to speak a lot of Spanish, but I was also able to quickly get to know Santiago from an "insider's perspective." The city is very big with about 7 million inhabitants and has a lot to offer. In addition, I quickly came into contact with Chileans outside of the university, which was very refreshing, because my Chilean fellow students represented only a fraction of the Chilean population as students of a private university.

What did you do besides studying at the partner university?

  • Personally, I enjoyed traveling the most during my semester abroad. Chile has a wide variety of landscapes to offer due to its length: Be it the Atacama Desert in the north or Patagonia in the south. I can definitely recommend to carve out as much time as possible to travel, because if you are already in South America, you should also explore the neighboring countries.

    In summary, I can say that I enjoyed the semester very much and can only recommend a stay abroad in Chile.

Content and photos by Sophie Röbl. Many thanks!

Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
  • Location: Santiago, Chile

  • Population of Santiago: approx. 6.5 million

  • Number of students: approx. 8,300

  • Exchange level: Bachelor, Master