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...in Beijing, China

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

WU student Martina Pardy has been on exchange at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. She tells us why she chose the destination and how she plans to use her international experience on a professional level.

Why did you decide to spend a semester abroad in China?

  • Living in the country that will be the focus of my professional life in the future was definitely the biggest benefit of my semester abroad. For an international career with focus on China, understanding different cultures is not only a great advantage but even a necessity. For any individual who wants to work in an international environment, a semester abroad offers the opportunity to gain intercultural competence and stand out from the rest.

    Immersing myself in a foreign culture was the best experience of my semester abroad. The challenges posed by a culturally very different country like China gave me the opportunity to develop personally, to grow beyond myself and - most importantly - to learn.

What advantages do you think international mobility brings?

  • A semester abroad provides a wonderful opportunity to experience what it is like to live in another country. The most important thing is to know what you expect from a semester abroad. Do you want to study at a good university, learn a new language or get to know a certain culture? In my case, it was the language, the outstanding reputation of the university and the local opportunities.

    The stay in another country offers countless possibilities and knowing what you want is the basis for success. Studying in China means going completely out of your comfort zone. What seems like a challenge is oftentimes also a chance to get to know the culture and yourself better. My tip: Surround yourself consciously with many Chinese friends and take advantage of the unique opportunity to get to know the country from a different perspective.

Which scholarship did you receive for your exchange?

  • WU participates in EU's Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program, which provides financial support for study visits to WU partner universities outside of Europe. I applied and received a scholarship.

Do you have any advice for students who are also interested in China as a destination?

  • If you want to study in China, Tsinghua University is the right choice for you! The campus of Tsinghua University is home to 45,000 people, there are 18 dining halls and a great many green oases. The variety of opportunities, the outstanding reputation and the cultural capital will make your semester abroad unique. Since experience abroad is already expected by many employers, a semester abroad is not only personally but also professionally a huge enrichment. Studying in China was one of the best and most valuable experiences.

Content and photos by Martina Pardy. Thank you very much!

Tsinghua University
  • Location: Beijing, China

  • Population Beijing: approx. 21.7 million

  • Number of students: 25,900

  • Exchange level: Bachelor, Master