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Central Europe Connect Summer Semester 2022

Central Europe Connect (CEC) is a Joint Certificate Program offered in cooperation by WU Vienna, EUBA Bratislava and SGH Warsaw. In the course of a semester, students spend one course week in each of the cities of the participating universities. In the process, participants acquire academic skills, encounter a variety of business topics and get to know the region of Central Europe. We asked people involved how they would descibe their CEC experience in summer 2022. 

Central Europe Connect Summer Semester 2022

Central Europe Connect combines academic insights with project work and highlights its “connecting” character by integrating various social activities. Why was CEC a unique experience and why would you recommend the program to your friends?

  • Anastasiya (Participant, SGH Warsaw): The program has enriched my academic studies through a unique learning experience. By participating in the program, I gained a diverse range of theoretical inputs and also put my knowledge into use by working in international teams. I can definitely recommend this program to students as the learning is interactive and quite enjoyable. 

  • Rebeka (Participant, EUBA Bratislava): As a student who participated in many exchange programs, I can say that CEC is perfect for knowledge-seeking students: We were provided with theoretical inputs and practical activities, such as company visits or get-togethers. At those events, we could openly express our ideas and curiosity for related topics. This has truly created an atmosphere of unique connection and shared thoughts.  

During the three course weeks in Warsaw, Bratislava, and Vienna, you worked in international teams and experienced cultures in different contexts. What did you learn specifically in this regard?

  • Anastasiya (Participant, SGH Warsaw): The first thing I learned was that to work in an international team means to communicate clearly and openly. I enjoyed working in a team, in which I could easily ask questions and communicate on different topics. It was pleasant to exchange ideas and to learn from study experience of people from three different universities.

CEC puts a focus on practical skills and insights from the business world by visiting companies and inviting company representatives during the course weeks. How does this enrich your academic education?

  • Rebeka (Participant, EUBA Bratislava): We were able to get unique insights into some world-known companies. This experience was of high value for us, since students are not given such opportunities oftentimes. Due to presentations by company professionals and the opportunity to ask questions first hand, we were able to widen our horizons and to build knowledge for our future academic life.  

How do students specifically benefit from participating in the CEC program and why is Central Europe such a fascinating region to do business?

  • Arnold Schuh (Lecturer, WU Vienna): Every learning that is supplemented by travelling, visits to cities, universities, and companies is longer lasting and more impressive. Central Europe is an ideal place as you can experience cultural and institutional differences but also similarities in front of your doorstep.

Why do you especially enjoy teaching the CEC program?

  • Arnold Schuh (Lecturer, WU Vienna): Central Europe is a region with a huge growth potential. I like to contribute to a better understanding of doing business in CE and raise the interest in companies operating in the region.

What was specifically interesting about organizing this program? Did you face any significant challenges?

  • Christopher Rindhauser (CEC coordinator, WU Vienna): I really appreciated the good cooperation and communication between all people involved in this program. Of course, organizing a joint program in an international context is always challenging, but as everyone was working towards the same goal, it turned out to be a rewarding experience.

Key facts - Central Europe Connect:

  • Program for bachelor's students

  • Special track within SBWL International Business

  • Graduation with a joint certificate from WU, EUBA and SGH

  • Joint short-term studies complemented by practical and cultural activities