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CBS-HSG-WU Online Course Initiative - Rui Chen

Rui Chen is a bachelor student at WU and participant of the CBS-HSG-WU Online Course Initiative. In a short report, he tells us about his experiences with the virtual exchange program.

I heard about the CBS-HSG-WU Online Course Initiative through the social media platform “Instagram” on which WU shared a dedicated post to inform its students about the program. I decided to participate as I was aware of the current contingent circumstances around corona which make the option of spending a semester abroad rather unpredictable. So, I asked myself “Why shouldn't I try something new and do an exchange online?”

Through the CBS-HSG-WU Online Course Initiative, I got the opportunity to participate in the course “Digital Games – Business, Culture, Ethics” at the University of St. Gallen. In the course, we talked about business-, culture- and ethics-related issues that the games industry is currently facing. Additionally, we were provided with insights regarding the evolution pattern of games throughout recent years and governmental measures that have been imposed so far.

In terms of course structure, every student received a mail to his or her HSG account before the start of the course in which we had to decide for a presentation topic. A group of 5 to 6 students should deal with one topic. Please do not make the same mistake I did and check your HSG mail account on a regular basis! I missed the timeframe to make the decision and wrote a message to the professor to apologize for that. Fortunately, I was still able to join a group at the end. After getting to know the fellow group members, I could start working on the presentation. Of course, we were also given basic literature to read. Then, there were 3 successive presentation days during which each group presented their topic. In addition to that, we even had a guest speaker from a gaming company. Finally, every student has to write a term paper of his or her choice which is, in my case, due mid-January.

The format of the course allowed me to stay in touch and exchange thoughts regularly with other group members. What’s more, we had a short discussion round after each presentation where we could exchange our views with fellow students. One group even prepared an in-class quiz in which I happily scored first place and got a Swiss chocolate bar as a reward. Honestly, I didn’t expect that!

From my own perspective, I don’t see studying at a partner university “from home” as a drawback. Of course, you somewhat miss a glimpse of the culture and the life abroad but it gives you maximum flexibility to organize your studies in the way you want. Also online you gain international experience through constant exchange!

"I would definitely recommend everyone to apply for the CBS-HSG-WU Online Course Initiative, not just because those are great schools, but also to gain international experience in a 'new way'."

CBS-HSG-WU Online Course Initiative


  • Participating universities: Copenhagen Business School, University of St. Gallen, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

  • Lecture format: virtual exchange

  • Exchange level: Bachelor, Master