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BBE Double Degree at Queensland University of Technology

Samuel Karaba is studying at WU in the English-language Bachelor Program (BBE). He will spend 2021 in Australia as part of the double degree program at Queensland University of Technology. He talks about the application process, the lessons he has learned and what he is looking forward to do in Brisbane.

What do you wish someone had told you BEFORE applying for the double degree program?

  • From the new applicants' point of view, I think it’s simple questions relating to the program and general tips on living in Brisbane. As one of the first students of the program, there are no former or current BBE students I can turn to with these simple questions, which I hope we will be able to help with in one year’s time.

Why did you decide to do a double degree?

  • As a former IB student, I grew to love multinational environments, which is otherwise not common in Slovakia. Even before that, I have wanted to study in a foreign country in English to improve my language skills, gather knowledge, and get to know people from different walks of life. Having seen the option to go to Australia, I felt a personal responsibility to do my best to continue enriching my knowledge in economics, English, and culture. The double degree will enable me to learn more about subjects closely related to those covered at WU, but from a different angle and gather knowledge about entirely new topics.

What was the application process like for you?

  • It was very straightforward and easy to follow. Firstly, I attended an info session at the beginning of the semester, where I got to know more about the program's specific details. Even before that, I knew I would apply, but the presentation undoubtedly solidified my interest. After carefully thinking about what I should put in my letter of motivation and submitting my application, I received an interview invitation. I thought it did not go as well as I had wanted it to go, but that was probably just me nervously overthinking at that moment.

Do you have any tips for students applying this year?

  • Apart from submitting their application on time, I would heavily stress being relaxed during the interview and not being unnecessarily nervous before it even begins. It is certainly more easily said than done, but there is genuinely nothing to be worried about, no tricky or surprise questions; just be your true self, and it should all go well. Before that, make sure to thoroughly prepare your CV and spend enough time writing and proofreading your motivation letter. It would be best if you focused on personal reasons for participating in a clear and extensive way despite the relatively small character limit.

What are you looking forward to during your year abroad?

  • There are a few things. Firstly, it will be living away from home long-term for the first time, which, although possibly challenging at first, is something I cannot wait to experience. By living in a country on the other side of the globe, I will also get to know new perspectives on the topics I already know something about, while also learning more in areas that I might currently find obscure. Furthermore, as someone who is into geography, I am intrigued to visit important landmarks and learn more about the local culture and customs. Of course, I am thrilled to meet and befriend people from all around the world.

Queensland University of Technology
  • Location: Brisbane, Australia

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