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WU mobility grant special support

The WU mobility grant special support is for anyone for whom an exchange abroad poses a financial challenge. With the special support, disadvantaged people will be enabled to pursue an international exchange experience. In total, a sum of 10 WU mobility grants including special support will be awarded each academic year.


  • You are eligible to apply if you are studying at WU and can apply for an exchange semester or a double degree program at a WU partner university. It is crucial that you meet the minimum requirements.
    If you study in a bachelor's degree program, the minimum requirement are 38 ECTS (excluding free electives). If you study in a master's degree program, the minimum requirement is an enrollment in a WU master's program.

  • The award of the special support is subject to plausible proof of special needs. A special need can arise, for example, from social disadvantage, disability, chronic illness, care obligations for children and/or other persons. Other special and verifiable needs also count.

  • Additional award criteria that come into play: academic achievement and extracurricular activities.

  • Special support can only be awarded for an exchange stay at a partner university in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America as well as Russia. As of winter semester 2023/24, the WU mobility grant special support can be provided for an exchange in Great Britain.

  • The WU mobility grant special support can only be awarded once per study cycle!

Financial information

Type of financial supportWU mobility grant special support
Monthly grant installment€700
Travel allowance Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain*€300
Travel allowance North America€400
Travel allowance Latin America, South Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand€600

* Starting in winter semester 2023/24, financial support for an exchange in Great Britain will be provided through the WU mobility grant.

* The special support can be obtained in addition to a federal study grant (German: Beihilfe für ein Auslandsstudium - BAS).

* If special support is awarded to you and you apply for and receive an exchange place with an Erasmus International Credit Mobility grant, you will be awarded the higher endowed scholarship (Erasmus International Credit Mobility). Double funding is not possible.


The first installment of the special support equals the full grant amount you have been awarded minus €200.

After you have arrived in the host country, please let the host university sign your confirmation of arrival. You can find the form here. After you have sent the signed confirmation to Ms. Martina Stalitzer, we will be able to transfer the first installment of the grant.

Second installment

After you have returned from your stay abroad, you will receive the second installment (€200) once you have submitted your exchange report and your notice of course recognition. Please send said documents via email to Ms. Martina Stalitzer at the International Office.

Application period

  • The application for WU mobility grants including special support takes place in February and September annually. Applications for special support are accepted or rejected before the application periods for a stay abroad. This ensures that applicants know before their stay abroad whether they will receive a special grant if they are nominated for a semester abroad or a double degree program. Exception: Master's students who have already been nominated for a university abroad in the first semester can apply for the special support during the following application period.

  • A grant confirmation for special support is valid for two semesters. For example, a confirmation in February 2023 is valid for a stay abroad in summer semester 2024 or winter semester 2024/25. A confirmation in September 2023 is valid for a stay abroad in the winter semester 2024/25 and summer semester 2025.

Application process

If you are interested in the WU mobility grant special support, you can apply through this online form and upload your documents.

Documents to upload:

  • Letter of application/motivation (approx. 3200 characters including spaces; generally addressed "Dear Sir or Madam"; should explain why one applies for special support)

  • Curriculum vitae

  • WU Transcript

If applicable:

  • A list of the additional arising costs

  • In case of chronic illness and/or disability: medical proof and certificates

  • In case of social disadvantage: The letter of application should provide comprehensible proof of why one is socially disadvantaged. Based on the quality and plausibility of the documents, a selection committee selects suitable candidates.

  • Please note: The International Office must be notified about grants from other scholarship-awarding organizations!

Selection procedure and decision

Suitable candidates are selected by a selection committee consisting of the Vice Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs, the Dean for International Affairs and a representative of the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH WU). The selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the application (e.g. written expression, strength of argumentation, self-assessment).

  • Plausibility that without this grant a stay abroad would not be possible.

  • Academic achievements and, if applicable, other extracurricular commitments.

Before the start of our application periods for an exchange abroad, you will receive a message to your WU mail address whether you have been nominated for special support or not.


If you have any further questions, please contact our grant coordinator Martina Stalitzer (martina.stalitzer@wu.ac.at, +43-1-31336-4319).